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  1. I'd say that people who played before 2015 are all veterans, because they experienced the best era of the server. By the way, I joined the sever in 2011, but have been actively playing and brainfucking on forums since 2012.
  2. I try to stay away from addictive games, but who knows. Maybe in future.
  3. I was a Skyrim fan, but I played Fallout: New Vegas and I think it's better. In short, I admire these games and I can't wait to experience new Elder Scrolls series. I think I'll give a try to Fallout 4 as well, if I get a better PC.
  4. "Realistic" economy is important and you'll need it. We did not have one on LS-RP and the server became unplayable for new comers. However, you need a balance here. You must face a fact that you can't have a /real/ economy, because it's a game. From my point of view, all you can do is to think on ways to make money leave the server (taxes). However, you'll have to let scripted paychecks exist for everyone ( 500 - 600$ for example), but scripted jobs should not give away editional scripted wages. Also, you must say a big no to scripted savings and have really low bank interest percent.
  5. My TOPS: George Orwell: Animal Farm, 1984. Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead and I've just started reading "Atlas Shrugged". P.S I am going to read Franz Kafka's "The Trial" as well.
  6. A'ye, fellas. How are you? I guess this is not on yet. So, what are your expectations? If I manage to get rid of my wooden PC, I hope I'll be able to join and check out the server myself.
  7. Any old doggos still cracking balls here?
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