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  1. No one has scammed you, dude. You all knew and know that Mmartin has been having activity issues since 2016. Knowing this fact, you've still invested and now you are mad that it takes some time. I doubt that LS-RP is going to scam anyone, but to open this server will take some time, as staff members are grown ups with real life responsibilities and they can't spend 10-12 hours on a project like they did back in 2007 - 2015. Yes, you are all right that this transfer should have happened before and actually during Damien's leadership I was banned from forums for saying that SA-MP was losing its potential to develop and grow. People used to call me hater e.t.c. Then we've witnessed that LS-RP started losing the strength day by day and it wasn't Mmartin's or Damien's fault. It was fault of whole community that did not demand right actions and was very afraid to leave the comfort zone, encouraging staff members to ban people who tried dragging them out of their virtual loop. Anyway, I believe that sooner or later Mmartin will release this server and I wish It'll be awesome experience for newer generation of role-players.
  2. I was a Senior Licensing Official under different Mayors, so I can put a word or two to answer your questions. When Mayor was changing, they were not discharging directors of Bureaus and Departments, if they did their job well. Basically, these departments/bureaus were like sub-factions in a faction. However, Mayor's office still used to take a huge part in developing them. Paper work became headache in the government. Imagine, I had to forum PM all registered businesses (RP'd as an e-mail) and ask them, if their business was still operating. Also, there were pointless duties like collecting monthly license fees that used to make us spend unnecessary time on forums, filling pointless information. It was not role-played well and it did not bring anything to the table for the server. Another duty of a licensing official was to ask businesses register on forums and obtain necessary licenses. To be honest, application form was not hard or time consuming. Business owners had to fill basic information , then they had an inspection and the business was fine to open. However, it caused lots of drama. Many criminals tried to insult or attack licensing officials, then these licensing officials used to pay back by locking their places up or having constant investigations over their premises. It used to turn into OOC hassle and many criminals with P2W attitude were mad at the BoL, because they couldn't bully the government. Of course, there were lots of bad Licensing Officials as well whose role-play was unrealistic and the Bureau did not have motivation to fire them, because there wasn't anyone else to do all those forum works. Anyway, we were trying to develop and actually we had lots of improvements under Susan Litcher's and Bloodseeker's leadership. Then admins decided to make a new government that would be more professional and would not make people hate the Bureau of Licensing. So, there was a revamp, they fired all of us and messed up the faction which we we had built step by step during 2013 - 2016. They did not ask for suggestions, they did not listen to us and made a new government that should work, but guess.... It did not. They made new business registration forms to look more professional, increased bureaucracy, increased fines, increased licensing fees and of course it did not work and it caused even more drama (more corruption, more lethal decisions, more OOC hassle e.t.c) . So they had one more revamp and they created a State Government. They were role-playing like politicians and had a different style. Yes, they had a good role-play, but it was not followed by the server. They did not interact with others, they had a circle and they were operating in this bubble. They did not bring anything to the table for the rest of the server. I know that many people won't agree with me, especially those who were in this State Government. Furthermore, there was a second problem. Basically, the government suffered from inactivity. I was always advocating for less bureaucracy, more transparency and in game activity, but high ranks were always trying to make everything complicated. I think that in new government we must try to have everything balanced. I agree with you that people don't join this server to spend hours of their game-play on forums. I hope that modern government will be less strict to players, will actually work on events and useful projects. Also, I hope that new Bureau of Licensing will be taken seriously, this faction needs modifications and they can turn it into a LEA like faction that will be professional, will have strict rules for its members and more transparency for the community.
  3. I remember you. Government HQ at courts and you being privileged going to VIPs with PD/SD/FD Chiefs and Francis Maurer :D. That motivated me to rank up on LS-RP
  4. +1. Government was always an inactive faction and dividing it into two layers will cause even more frustration and less activity. We can always NPC some things.
  5. You ain't a veteran, bro. Best Era of LS-RP was before 2016. Actually when all factions were active and you had to stand in queue to join the server. Sorry, bruh.
  6. I understand you point of view, but things you offer may work in certain European countries where they don't have many OCGs/Gangs and they don't pose a threat to an officer or society. However, in USA and other countries, there are lots of criminal minded people who are armed and pose a real threat to others very often. So, I think that your idea won't work on LS-RP, because Los Santos is based on USA, LA and there's no peace on the streets.
  7. Well, don't get me wrong, I used to play on LS-RP each year, but was not very active after 2016. So, I am not familiar with the modern LSFD. It means that I am not in a place to teach you anything as I was not around for a long time and seems like my suggestions are outdated as well. Well, if the activity in the faction was OK, then you guys did a great job. Keep it up then and I hope we get a chance to check the new LSFD when the server is on. Good luck.
  8. I think that News Agencies must become fully IC. I mean, people can make a news agency and achieve an official slot. However, I think broadcasting publicly like during old days is not needed. Actually, Faux News had something good going on. We can do something like that.
  9. Fuck, I'd gladly return in the past. I was having a great fun, lol. I did not have too much real life responsibilities, I had time to be in game nearly half of the day. Eh, fuck I need a time travel magic.
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