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  1. Ignore the servers name but these some recent mods that Milo’s made that redid some neighborhoods in south ls
  2. South ls has plenty tbh, I’d more wanna see some modders come together and make outside of ls better for rp, add some more grass and hood areas/complexes. Prolly also add a forest mod to the server making there be more trees around and shit so it’s not a empty desert if anything were to happen to south ls I’d say follow some mods that recently got made on fiveM that added complexes around
  3. One of the better clothes shop UIs I’ve seen so far, adding previews instead of aimlessly scrolling through a list of names is a W
  4. Watching ragnarok right now, not the biggest fan of English voice overs cause my ocd spikes but it’s overall a decent series so far
  5. I enjoyed it but I’m getting tired of these 10 or less episode seasons that Netflix and Hulu or doing .-. I want 15-20 episodes per season
  6. Honestly not sure, came up with it when I was probably younger then 10(20 now) for PlayStation. But both first letters line up with my real now, W and M
  7. Step1: steal ball from bowling alley Step2: go to farm Step3: line cocks up Step4: bowl away How to get get for under $2?
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