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  1. I'm being completely honest with you, the other server use to have ped skins for players to use and you would barely see players use ped skins. The duplication would be one of the least issues as there is too many peds too choose from, I believe there is about 800+ right now if you include the new GTAO DLCs as well. I doubt a lot of people would use ped skins, but having an option for it at least would be nice.
  2. You actually can, some ped skins has other clothing to change to and faces. I've tried it out myself on a test server.
  3. Ragemp fixed that issue in their latest update I think
  4. Should they be allowed or at least be an option between the GTA:O character creation for players? IMO an option would be good due to GTA:O character creation restrictions.
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