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  1. I'm hoping it'll be something new and not have everything limited by staff members. That I wouldn't need to be active 24/7 to own a house.
  2. It would be great to describe and examine the state of the vehicle. If car has been broken into, locks drilled or windows broken. That could be added into the description of that car and only way to remove that, is to get the car fixed at a mechanic.
  3. Don't add furniture item limit, but if someone wants a custom furniture in their house or apartment, they'd have to donate. If you don't donate, you either have to buy a place with a custom interior, or donate and make one yourself. Vanity license plates should be a donator perk for sure. Set a vehicle limit per character and have people pay for additional slots. Keeps people from owning 20 cars. More cars in circulation because people sell old ones to buy new ones = Cheaper used car prices.
  4. None of the cars should be restricted, they should be expensive to obtain and maintain. Too many of those cars in game? Increase the prices.
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