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  1. Golconda Fort is located in the western part of Hyderabad city and is about 9 km from the Hussain Sagar Lake. The outer fort occupies an area of three square kilometers, which is 4.8 kilometers in length. It was originally known as click counter Mankal, and built on a hilltop in the year 1143. It was originally a mud fort under the reign of Rajah of Warangal. Later it was fortified between 14th and 17th centuries by the Bahmani Sultans and then the ruling Qutub She dynasty. Golconda was the principal capital of the Qutub Shahi kings. The inner fort contains ruins of palaces, mosques and a hill top pavilion, which rises about 130 meters high and gives a bird’s eye view of other buildings.
  2. There is nowhere else on Earth where that is more true than in the Russian prison system. Every prisoner is marked, every drop of ink holds meaning, and the symbols are a language in and of themselves. Each body tells a unique story of time served and crimes committed. Moscow is Russia’s largest city, and it is rampant with criminal activity. The prison system is known as the “Zone,” and the prisons are grossly overcrowded. There are typically 100 inmates jammed into a cell, and they have to take turns sleeping due to limited space and bunks. This overcrowding is used as a means to “break” the inmates, causing them to turn on one another and encouraging beatings in the cells. Russian prisons are well-known for being dangerous and violent, ignoring humanity in favor of strict punishment. Online clicker counter assists you to count several things like the number of sit-ups while performing an exercise or also much other stuff. You can do all just by clicking on a mouse or a button of mobile phones.
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