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  1. Watching idlestacks unfold whilst sitting on patrol.
  2. good my friend, is good.
  3. hello we used to rp and stuff together neat to see you're still around
  4. I just hope there'll be some good transparency and good options within the PD. It's a faction I hope to join as it was my first ever faction on LSRP back in 2013. Main reason for bringing up transparency is so everyone in the faction can be aware of changes instead of the changes happening first and then telling people, it allows people to bring ideas and different perspectives forward. Options as in, not being forced to be an FTO but still able to progress (obviously dependent on numbers etc), I feel it'll allow people to feel like they can do what they want to do without the added work and stress of needing to get certain hours training new officers when they would rather focus on their specified division. Just my two cents.
  5. Farrell Kota Foran Chiky Swenson cycool userone
  6. Hello there, I am Bunting, have been in the roleplay scene since around 2010, played LSRP from 2013-2018(ish) time, have been in both the PD and SD during that time. Some of y'all may know me from other communities too, can't wait to start playing.
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