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  1. nerdid ikka rpvad lmao
  2. Los Santos Roleplay, 2009
  3. Michael Houston is like the zezima to runescape
  4. CLB

    We're done.

    we will see
  5. CLB

    Elden Ring

    I got it. You need a controller to play it though.
  6. not this guy again...
  7. CLB


    There better be PED skins ingame
  8. CLB


    It was yesterday when we joined SASD together during same recruitment batch
  9. Games I've played the most I guess Runescape League of Legends CS1.6 CSGO SAMP but overall cs1.6 was the best
  10. fuck that serbian goon broadus
  11. CLB

    Zero Hour

    just bought it anyone wanna play?
  12. I just finished Outer Banks, was a good show ngl
  13. CLB

    New World

    lvl 11 on thule server
  14. CLB

    Football Discussions

    possibilities are endless
  15. CLB

    Football Discussions

    Hahahaha maybe now ye. They want to sign koulubaly
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