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  1. Buddy, nobody is upset. Some things on other people's thread that may be out of order I can look over but I refuse to view gangs raping people (in game or in real life) as the norm. Also in any California prison regardless of what race, gang or car you roll with if you show up on the yard with bad paperwork (sex related crimes with pimping being one of the only exceptions) you get rolled up for it and taken off of the yard and cannot function on GP. Those people in those new articles 9/10 checked in and went to protective custody when they got shipped and didn't walk the mainline. Yes they're criminals but there's also a certain boundary that criminals are not supposed to cross over which is why they have the "street code".
  2. why do foreigners always have to involve some sort of sex crime on their thread, especially towards minors? Disgusting.
  3. Finally that boa dropped the thread, do this shit right ill be watchin
  4. God bless the real trap niggas
  5. No doubting my 10 year nigga @GoonDaKilla finna step on shit
  6. Hardest Hoover faction I seen in a minute
  7. All pressure no luck with this one, ik Des holds his weight
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