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  1. W/S DOVE GANG: The Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods (R20's, NHB), or Dove Gang, are primarily, but not exclusively, a Black/African American Blood street gang located within the west side region of South Los Santos in the Strawberry community. The Rollin 20's membership mainly consists of Black members that are Belizean-American as well as African-American along with a couple members that are Mexican-American due to the demographics of Strawberry being largely Hispanic/Latino. The gang originated in the 1970's and till this day are a large Blood gang in South Los Santos in which their territory stretches from Forum Drive to Strawberry Avenue. The cliques within the gang are 25th Street, 29th Street & Avenues with 27th Street being the main clique. The Rollin 20's main allies are the Black P Stone Bloods (City & Jungle Stone sets) which are directly west of them in which this alliance are called the "Rollin Stones". They're also cliqued up with the F.H.N Brim gangs (Fruit Town Brims, Harvard Park Brims & Van Ness Gangster Brims) in South Los Santos & get along with most other Blood gangs throughout the city of Los Santos. It should be noted that there is another Rollin 20's Blood gang in South Los Santos but they're set name is Rollin 20's Outlaw Bloods on the east side of South Los Santos. Many people often confuse the 2 sets for being the same gang. The Outlaw 20's were originated from the 20's NHB. The Rollin 20's have a fierce rivalry with the Rollin 30's Harlem Crips in which they have been engaged in a bloody feud with them for the past three decades and does not appear to be an end in sight of the rivalry any time soon. They also beef with other surrounding Crip gangs such as the Rollin 40's Neighborhood Crips, West Boulevard Crips, School Yard Crips & Geer Gang Crips. The Rollin 20's are also in a heavy feud with the 18th Street gang, a near by large multi-ethnic gang that primarily consist of Central & Mexican-American members. The Rollin 20's share part of their turf with a near by Salvadoran gang by the name of Mara Salvatrucha 13, or more widely known as MS-13 and are on good terms with each other due to both gangs hatred and rivalry with the 18th Street gang. Foundation & Early Stages: During the 1950's & 60's there was a gang in the Strawberry area by the name of Blood Alley on Forum Drive near the La Puerta Freeway is today that was the predecessor neighborhood to the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods. During the 70's in the era of Black gangs being on the rise in South Los Santos, the youth in the Strawberry area decided to continue to fully push the Blood identity from the previous generation but is not related to the Blood identity that grew in the 70's. OG Big Red, OG Al & OG Tee Coleman were some of the founding members of the gang. During this era, they had 2 main cliques which were Deuce-Five (25th Street) Players & Deuce-Seven (27th Street) Players. In 1976, they kicked off with the name N-hood but in '78 they added the "Rollin 20's" identity to their name. The 29th Street clique, a/k/a the Vermont Villain Boys, was eventually formed on the southside of their neighborhood closer towards Carson Avenue. With the gang entering the early 80's, the 2nd Avenue Gangsters (SAG), or simply "Avenues", on the north side of the La Puerta Freeway were added to the set & by the time the gang entered the early 1990's the Black Demon Soldiers (BDS) were also induced into the gang. Other cliques in the Rollin 20's also included the Belizean Posse as it's primary members of the clique were Belizean-Americans. The 15th Street clique were also added to the gang but as of 2019 the only cliques still active to this day are 25th, 27th, 29th & 2nd Avenue Gangsters (also known today as Avenues). Modern Day Whoopin: The Rollin 20's NHB & other near by Blood gangs are known for pushing CK (Crab/Crip Killa) and beefing with all Crip gangs under the NHC/2x car such as West Boulevard Crips who claim 2x as well all Rollin O' Crip gangs from the Rollin 30's Harlem Crips to all sets of the Rollin 100's Neighborhood Crips (Underground Blocc, Original Blocc, 104 Hard Time Hustlers, etc). They also beef with a West Los Santos Crip gang by the name of School Yard Crips, this Crip gang in particular have been known for switching cars and push both NHC/2x & Gangster Crip/3x in different time periods but as of recent they claim neither & are a unaffiliated Crip gang. Outside of Crip gangs, the Bloods in South Los Santos have been engaged in a bloody feud with the 18th Street cliques in Strawberry/Chamberlain Hills areas of South Los Santos. 18th Street in South Los Santos push BK (Blood Killa) and target any & all Blood sets through out the city. This feud has claimed many lives including innocent civilians who were not affiliated with the gang banging life style. Although the Rollin 20's NHB push CK, it's been unheard & unconfirmed of them beefing with Gangster Crips/3x gangs throughout South Los Santos as a recent political alliance called Suwoopin, Movin & Groovin which is a movement of Bloods (Suwoopin), Gangster Crips/3x (Movin Gang) & Hoover gangs (Groovin) setting aside their differences to feud with all Rollin O' & Neighborhood Crip gangs. Out of State Chapters of the Rollin 20's NHB: It has been reported by the FIB that there are various chapters & influences of the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods outside of Los Santos & the state of San Andreas. The FIB has located these chapters in states such as; New York (Liberty City), Michigan (Detroit), Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia (Atlanta) & Florida. Out of state members of the Rollin 20's NHB travel to Los Santos & link in with the Rollin 20's in West Strawberry not only receive the proper knowledge & the origin of the gang but also celebrate hood days & do business in Los Santos. It's been said that these chapters were often started by influential member of the Rollin 20's NHB from Los Santos who moved to these states to expand their criminal & drug enterprise bringing in a lot of money to supply the gang. These influential members teach new members in their new neighborhood about the proper history & knowledge of the gang and is passed down to the next generation of new gang bangers in their area & eventually fully establish themselves in that particular city. The Pedro Espinoza Case (Murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr. aka Lil Spiderman): On the night of Sunday March 2nd, 2008, a 17 year-old South Los Santos High School junior by the name of Jamiel Shaw Jr. was walking home alone at around 8:40pm that night. During his walk home, he was approached by 2 Latino men who were driving a white vehicle. One of the assailants asked what gang Shaw belonged to. Shaw did not answer quick enough and was gunned down on the spot according to LSPD. He was shot in the stomach and as he held his hands over his face, the individual fired another shot into his hand with the bullet travelling through his face. The two males sped off in the white car off north on Carson Avenue according to the documents. His father, Jamiel Shaw Sr. heard the gunshots & rushed over to accompany him until paramedics arrived on the scene. Shaw Jr was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:55pm as he was unable to survive his injuries. Within an hour to Shaw's murder, Espinoza was found at a park by a Culver City police officer who was not aware of the shooting at the time. Espinoza was told to leave due to the fact that the park was closed. The officer wrote down his license plate number of his vehicle and later gave the LSPD the license plate number in which he was soon after arrested for the murder. It turns out that Espinoza was in the country illegally & is also a member of the Los Santos based Central-American street gang 18th Street. Espinoza was formally charged with first-degree murder and went to trial four years later in 2012 where he was convicted on May 9th, 2012 and was sentenced to death on May 23rd, 2012. Various people, including the people in the mainstream media, speculated that the crime was racially motivated due to the victim Jamiel Shaw Jr being African American as South Los Santos has had a previous history of Latino gangs attacking African Americans. However, those familiar with the South Los Santos gang warfare claim that the killing was gang related as the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods, as well as other Blood gangs on the west side of South Los Santos, & 18th Street gang have been at war with each other since 1991. A classmate of Shaw revealed that he had been affiliated with the Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods & went by the name given to him by the gang "Lil Spiderman" but some say he had no affiliations to the gang as he was just a resident in the area & to this day is still not fully confirmed of this claim. The story garnered national media attention so much so that United States President Donald J. Trump had mentioned the story publicly as he used this story to further prove his push his agenda on the ban of illegal immigration.
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