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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to our January Update. There isn't much to report on this update, but to remind you all that we are continuously working towards our 1.9 update and our 2.0 update. These are updates you can read about on our roadmap. And welcome to our new Junior Testers: MAKO - livid - CChef Duckling - Kaos Development Update You may have seen recently that #git is looking a little sorry - rest assured we are still working on a concept we call "LSRP 2.0" - this is basically a total revamp of what you guys have been asking for since day one, a look at our current systems and what we can improve, and implementing features that we didn't necessarily want in our vision but have come to understand that they're a part of LS-RP, regardless of what game we're playing. Such an example of what we didn't want to add is savings - we recognise now that, after the removal of tapering and the addition of passive income through script jobs (barber shops, gas stations, etc.) that people do need a reason to be ingame and roleplaying, and what better reason is there than to make money? Savings will not look as it did, i.e. you drop a 100k into your bank account and in 2000 hours it's 20 million - no, we have a more immersive and realistic, but still completely passive, alternative which we are going to call "investments". You may have already seen the button for this in your Maze Bank app on your phone! The basic premise is that your investments can gain or lose value on a day-to-day basis. If you drop 100,000 into your investments, in 1 weeks' time it may be sitting at 99,175, and the week after it could be back up to 101,283. We don't think you should have to put major thought into investing, so it's going to go into a "pot" where the bank decides what you invest in globally, lore-wise at least. This is always going to net you a profit in the long run. We haven't figured out the exact numbers yet but to give you an example, daily losses could go up to 10% whilst daily gains could go up to 15%. If you deposit 100,000 and wait 100 hours before withdrawing then, on average, you should be approximately $5,000 richer than when you started. This could be more, it could be less, but the idea is that if you play the long game, you will never make a loss. We're also adding new cars to pdm.com thanks to the efforts of @Mitcholodolo and his fellow staff members that have helped fill out our Google Sheets form! More to come on that later, but we think many people will be happy with what's being added! There's not much more I can say that you can't already see for yourself on our "roadmap" list, but rest assured that we are all working hard! The end of January and the beginning of February is exam season in many places so we've had to slow down a little; don't take this the wrong way though! BBQ Event As always we're hosting another event this weekend and tonight, we've got a barbecue at 10pm at Mirror Park! That's right, it's February 3rd, and it's going to be like 15 degrees C, but we've got a barbecue on..! See below for info!
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