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What roleplay would you like to see?

Freedom Fighter

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26 minutes ago, Black Swan said:

Like others have said, more drug-addicted/homeless chars. Homelessness in L.A. is a serious problem.


Also, more regular civi chars living in the hood that aren't actually trying to join the local gang. More unique-looking & odd chars.


Would be cool to have an active "music scene" where bands/artists play music live at different types of venues.

Currently there’s an ongoing talk about music scene in LSRP and how it will be realistically portrayed. hopefully all the discussions will lead to it.




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On 10/30/2021 at 4:51 AM, Freedom Fighter said:

As the title says.



Me personally, I’d like to see roleplay at hotdog/elote/taco stands since they’re common in LA.


I always tried to stop for these kinds of things. People doing something different, but something that would actually be prevalent in the area. Maybe with GTA V having hotdog/fruit stands throughout the map it'll happen more frequently.



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More civil roleplay, instead of being focused on gangs and cops only.

Police Officer III+1 Armins Straume                                  Director Mark Stormberg

Central Traffic Division                                                    Department of Public Works & Transportation

Los Santos Police Department                                        City of Los Santos




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