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Marrying Nancy Flores

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Marrying Nancy Flores

What is the Northern Collective?

Contents to what we're attempting to portray:

  • Understanding the Norteño Organizational Structure
  • What is the Northern Collective?
  • The Northern Collective is a term used by the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to put the three Norteño organizations under one formal banner. Also known as the Northern Structure, or to rival farmers and northerners.


The collective is headed by the Nuestra Familia, but within the collective, you have the Nuestra Raza, their street regiments and the Norteño street gangs. While these organisations fall under the Nuestra Familia, each has their own policies and beliefs, i.e the beliefs of a Norteño may not be the same as a brother in the Nuestra Raza and the beliefs of Nuestra Raza are not the same as the familianos in the Nuestra Familia. This is where a lot of confusion sets in, and I hope this guide will hopefully iron out those issues.



Norteños, Spanish for Northerner. They are loosely affiliated street gangs to the Nuestra Familia. The reason why I highlighted loosely is that not all Norteño street gangs fall under the Nuestra Familia, being part of the Nuestra Familia is optional, but not always the safest choice. I will explain this further in the unstructured Norteños section.


Norteños do not automatically become members of the Nuestra Raza, or the Nuestra Familia they are only affiliated to these organisations for protection in prison, or on the streets, Norteños will operate in an NR/NF street regiment.

Norteños and the Northern Structure overall are bitter rivals to their southern Hispanic counterparts known as Sureños, who represent the Mexican Mafia (La eMe). On the streets, the Norteños use the number '14', which is the fourteenth letter in the alphabet, for the letter N, in reference to the Nuestra Familia and North due to their founding location being Salinas in Northern California. It is common to see the number 14 written as XIV or X4, which is Roman and Arabic numerals for 14. Their colours are red and black and they use images of the Mexican-American labour union in their flags and tattoos, hence the term farmers.


Norteños are not necessarily Mexican-American, they are predominantly Mexican-American, but within their ranks, they do have whites, blacks, and Asians amongst them, this ethos is written in the bylaws of the organisation, as long as you believe in values and beliefs of the organisation then you are considered a Norteño. Another misconception is that Norteños do not speak Spanish, or use Hispanic/Mexican slang, this is absolutely false, the values and beliefs of the whole organisation are based on Latin culture, more so in the Nuestra Raza and Nuestra Familia.

Unstructured Norteños

Unstructured Norteños is a term used by the familianos of the Nuestra Familia to separate Norteños from other Norteños, confusing right? Well, let me explain as this is where a lot of Sureño roleplayers get confused with how the Nuestra Familia separates their ranks.


The term has numerous meanings, the main and most common term is norteños that hold no allegiance to the Nuestra Familia, but are still considered norteños in the prison system, simply because of where they are from. This can be your average criminal who holds no gang ties, but comes from Northern California, therefore he is housed with Northern Hispanics, they are not considered fully fledged norteños until they clique up with the Nuestra Raza on the mainline, this is optional for unstructured Norteños who hold no gang ties, those who do not fall under the northern collective are put on 'walk alone' status, meaning you receive no protection from the norteños.


Another reason the familianos use this term is to separate themselves from splinter groups of the Nuestra Familia, or SNY (sensitive need yard) gangs, gang members who have debriefed from the Nuestra Familia, these include the Northern Ryders and the New Flowers.


One of the major groups to separate from the Nuestra Familia was F-14, i.e Fresno 14 now widely regarded as Fresno Bulldogs. In the 60s F-14 and the Nuestra Familia held a strong relationship with one another until a war broke out between the two organizations, which is known in norteño folklore as 'The Red Wave'. The major misconception is the 14 used by Fresno. This does not mean they were/are under the Nuestra Familia, the 14 means the 14 gangs in Fresno that form under one organisation, this has been the case since the 1960s before the Nuestra Familia broke away from La Mexicana (now the Mexican Mafia). Although major rivals FB and NF do hold alliances in some prison yards to combat the growing threat of Sureño dominance in southern California prisons.

Nuestra Raza

This is where things may get confusing for some people as not many people know of the Nuestra Raza, but they do exist and continue to operate under the Nuestra Familia. In prison documentation, the organisation is known as the Northern Structure (NS)


The Nuestra Raza (Our Race) commonly known as NR is what the NF members call the auxiliary force of the Nuestra Familia, you earn your bones in the NR, before becoming a fully fledged member of the NF. The NR recruit directly from Norteño inmates, people commonly mistake the NF to recruit from Norteño inmates, they do not, they recruit the cream of the crop from the NR.


As stated above, the Nuestra Raza is an extended branch of the Nuestra Familia and they are subordinate to the dictates and decrees of the "O" (Organisation). They basically act as lower-level allied forces that carry out the Nuestra Familia's bidding. The analogy would be similar to the NF being your political field in Washington and the NR being the military personnel in the field. The NF created the NR to divert attention from its own illegal activities and to unite the Norteño following, enabling the entire movement to function under an organised and strict set of guidelines, similar to those that the NF functioned under itself.

The NR basically comprises the elite Norteño believers who are the Nuestra Familia's most steadfast sympathisers. The NF originally deployed the NR in the 80s to continue it's presence and existence on the mainlines, as the majority of the "C's" (Carnales - term used for NF members) had been slammed down in SHU after the 1976 clampdown. This also created a subsidiary gang, providing the NF with auxiliary forces and a proven league of prospects to recruit from. The NR members were also the soldiers that secured the front lines and were the first ones to engage with the opposition whenever a conflict developed. They knew this and embraced it as one of their furthermost fundamental responsibilities, and were taught to always accept this as an honour opposed to a sacrifice.

The primary purpose and goals of their cause methodically laid out; They are working for the betterment of the Norteño people, they are striving to attain mutual respect, social status of equality for all Norteños, and they are to work together toward protecting and defending all Norteños from any threats or outside opposition. Most NR members referred to the NR as the cause, the struggle, the movement and the elite circle. They refer to each other as Bros, Hermanos, brothers or LO's (Loved Ones). CDCR actually began classifying this movement as "Northern Structure" (NS) for validation and identification purposes, but the NF adopted the title "Nuestra Raza" around the beginning of 1993, following a number of revisions spurned by the 1992 indictments.


Founded under the umbrella of the NF framework, NR also shared the same basic philosophy and ideology as the NF. When making a commitment to the NR all members understood that the Nuestra Familia was the supreme authority and that all NR members became automatic subordinates to any active "C's".


However, they were also advised that they were now above the rank of all structured, unstructured or non-affiliated Norteños. Whenever an NR member enters the prison system, their obligations are binding until death, but they are also told that furthering a commitment to the streets is optional. However, this is a catch-22 and a complete farce. In theory, an NR member's option to function on the streets is left to each individual member and that's what their being led to believe. But this is simply not true. If an NR member on the streets is given a directive by an NF member to participate or fulfill a specific duty, that NR member is obligated to carry out that directive or it will have an adverse effect on his status.

Nonetheless, those NR members that possessed leadership potential and intellectual stature were exposed to the more intensive NF training, and are selected to fulfill leadership positions. The NF wanted to allocate some measure of independence to this movement, and allow them to set their own checks and balances by structuring the leaders to work together under a small counsel system. The NR was officially introduced on January 22, 1984, which became their inception.

Street Regiments

Street regiments are groups of NR & NF members operating on the streets that no longer gang bang, instead operate exclusively for the Nuestra Familia and take direct orders from the OBG or NF Generals. Norteños can operate within a regiment, but it is frowned upon as they have not had the correct education, therefore instead regiments prefer to recruit from Norteños about to be released from prison. The ethos of the Nuestra Raza is to educate Norteños for the betterment of their organisation on the streets of California.


The most famous street regiments are:

Salinas, San Francisco, Stockton, Bakersfield, Santa Clara and San Jose.


The Fourteen Bonds

The Fourteen Bonds, the 14 or the bonds are written guidelines that every Norteño and Brother must follow while in and out of prison, breaching these laws usually results in death.

  1.  All Nortenos will strive for better education, respect, and social status of equality. This includes and goes beyond acquiring any all incentives and privileges entitled to an inmate.
  2. All Nortenos will take a strong positive attitude towards aiding and assisting all those of Latin descent, as well as any other minority group worthy of our cause. it is out duty to work together in harmony and unite those forces in alliance with us to reach out set goals.
  3. All Nortenos will do everything in his reach and capability to acquire mainline status. for these are the grounds we must secure for our fellow nortenos and all those who live for the cause to have a strong establishment pinta to go to without the threat or interference of the opposition.
  4. In order to continue our struggle with far fewer difficulties, these shall be no tolerance created by internal confrontation, individualism or homeboy favoritism. No Norteno will spread false rumors or negative gossip about a fellow Norteno, and at no time will a Norteno attempt to take advantage of, or disrespect, a fellow Nortenos ruca or familia. To do so will result in serious repercussions.
  5. All Nortenos will acknowledge and respect the authority in charge at all times. No Norteno will feel inferior to one who holds rank or position. Nor will a Norteno holding rank or a position of some type feel superior over his fellow Nortenos because of his status.
  6. And all data pertaining to a new arrival shall be reported through its proper channels immediately See Household Procedures, especially that which endangers life or is contrary to the cause.
  7. At no time will a Norteno endanger the life of a fellow Norteno. There shall be no fighting amongst Nortenos, Nor shall any cowardice dealing with the K-9 or enemy be tolerated to do so will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. No Norteno will lie or boast about his status. Be the rank or file, he will take high regards for his physical and mental well being and will always strive to better himself and become more aware and educated in all aspects relevant to the accomplishments of our set goals.
  9. Should a Norteno be transferred from one facility to another it is his sole duty to establish a branch in the union to procedures set henceforth and work hand-in-hand with other Nortenos at the said facility and parallel with other pintas.
  10. Every chapter and stronghold of Nortenos will keep track of all enemy and enemy activities behind enemy lines.
  11. It is each Nortenos responsibility that is aware of our struggle to teach and school all those destined for the pinta. No Norteno should enter the pinta blind or without knowledge of our struggle behind the walls.
  12. A Norteno will protect and defend his household to the fullest, No matter the circumstances or consequence. This means standing next to a fellow Norteno or the cause of both battle or struggle, To abandon such responsibilities will be considered as an act of treason.
  13. A Norteno leaving to the streets is encouraged to assist his fellow Norteno behind the walls in whatever form or fashion he may choose and this is not mandatory, But is a step towards the elite circle of dedicated Norteno Soldados.
  14. A Norteno shall stay abreast of all new laws, policies, and procedures. No portion of this format is to be misinterpreted or abused for personal gain. To do so will be considered as an act of treason.


Nuestra Raza Ranking System

  • Brother - An official member of the NR.
  • Overall Authority - Known as an OA, they hold the keys to the yard.
  • Tier Officers - Runs the bottom and top tiers.
  • Unit Commander - Oversees the Tier Officers, UC's are the second in command if an OA is out of reach.
  • Regimental General - Controls one or more street regiment from prison, the Regimental General then reports to a Cat 3 member in the Nuestra Familia, who represents an NF General.
  • Regimental Commander - A street commander that reports to the Regimental General.
  • Household Security - A small group of NR members who clear other Norteños of any wrongdoing. They watch over all security matters from weapons moving to messages moving around. In the Nuestra Familia, this is the OBG.
  • Yard Representative - Every group, be it Sureños, Norteños, whites, blacks or others, every group has to have one. They are the politicians that try to forge peace before a conflict starts.

Nuestra Familia

La Nuestra Familia (Our Family) known as NF or Nancy Flores to "C's" (Carnales) of the organisation. It is a Mexican-American criminal organisation made up of Norteño gangs from Northern California. While Norteños are affiliated with the Nuestra Familia, this does not mean they are associates of the organisation, you are invited into the organisation through schooling and mentoring during your time in a correctional facility where the Nuestra Familia are, usually members from the Nuestra Familia's auxiliary group, the Nuestra Raza are recruited into NF.


The NF operates a no gang banging policy to members of the organisation, instead of members on the street make up ``regiments", which are essentially the street crews of the Nuestra Familia, these street regiments have influence over the Norteño gangs in Northern California. They distribute firearms and narcotics about Northern California, they also tax other gangs, apart from Norteños operating in areas they hold influence.



This history is written by Big Rock, an NF member dating back to the 1970s that schooled John "Boxer" Mendoza, this is his account of the true history of the Nuestra Familia.


In 1952, the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) was the first prison gang to evolve and organise itself with the ability to threaten the rest of the prison population. They functioned under a no-ethnic boundary policy, basically preying on the weak and vulnerable. They did this proficiently with sheer numbers. It didn't matter if you were black, Mexican, Asian, another race, or even a non-affiliated white, you became susceptible to being attacked and were open game to being targeted. As the majority of other inmates weren't organised and stood alone, they didn't have a chance and became effortless victims.


A few years late in 1957, an individual by the name Luis "Huero Buff" Flores from a neighbourhood in East LA called "The Hawaiian Gardens" founded another group who began calling itself "La Mexicana." This was a Hispanic prison gang which formed to protect Hispanic inmates from other prison clicks, such as the Aryan Brotherhood. Huero Buff's vision was to bring all the street gangs in LA together to form a super gang in prison. Once La Mexicana had firmly established its presence within the prison system, a symbolic working arrangement was established amongst them and the AB's. They had full control over all the illegal activities that took place within the prison system (i.e., gambling rings, extortion, prostitution, distribution of narcotics, etc). All the same illicit activities that happen on the streets are also prevalent in prison.

Over the next few years, these La Mexicana members grew in numbers and began turning their aggression toward the non-affiliated Hispanic inmates. They began taking their personal possessions, strong-arming them and taxing them under the threat of violence. Basically, you had to pay them not to assault you so you could do your time without being subjected to their inflictions.


Huero Buff would later change the group's title to the Mexican Mafia. However, some of the hardline members felt as if this title was too closely associated with the Italian Mafia, and in turn, began pushing for a new name. Rudy "Cheyenne" Cadena, one of the group's co-founders, introduced the abbreviated name "La EME." Cadena was also one of the group's prestigious visionaries. The term La EME (Spanish for the letter "M") satisfied the hardliners but the title Mexican Mafia still remained. As the EME's abusements continued, some of the non-affiliated Hispanics grew tired of EME's transgressions and began banding together in Soledad State Prison. They talked about taking a stand in clandestine meetings, but fierce reputations of the Aryan Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia held them back.


The group eventually grew bolder and began identifying itself as "La Familia" (The Family). The founders of the group were "Lil John" from the Valley, Gonzalo "Chalo" Hernandez from Bakersfield, Huero Morgan from Clanton, Freddy Gonzalez from San Diego, and "Sammy" from New Mexico. Lil John became the group's "Padre" (Father) and Chalo acted as his second-in-command. Lil John and Chalo wrote guidelines for the group but the group remained somewhat clandestine. Small pockets of the group began popping up in other prisons and small skirmishes broke out. But nobody seemed to take notice that this was another group evolving. They waived these sporadic incidents off as isolated incidents but this still became more frequent.

In 1965, two La Familia members were attacked and murdered in San Quentin, Phillip Neri, and Sonny Pena. This escalated tensions even more. On September 15 1968, an EME member by the name of Carlos "Carlitos" Ortega stole a pair of state boots belonging to a La Familia member by the name of Hector Padilla and gave them to a fellow EME member by the of Robert "Robot" Salas from Big Hazard in Boyle Heights. Salas wore the boots to the yard and was eventually confronted by Padilla. Salas, in turn, stabbed Padilla, paving the way for one of the most infamous prison stories in the two group's histories, known as the "shoe war."


The following day, on September 16, 1968, La Familia decided that enough was enough and launched a full-scale attack against the EME in San Quentin. This was also done in conjunction with the day landing on Mexican Independence Day.


They launched their assault in South Block's Alpine Section at the final unlock. The full-scale press resulted in seven EME members being stabbed and one killed. More deaths would have occurred but the EME members who were being attacked began running and locking themselves in their cells. The NF's erupted that day and the EME's vulnerability was exposed. This was the beginning of a long-standing blood bath, and some of the main perpetrators were being transferred to Chino State Prison where they began establishing this as one of their strongholds. The prison administration had unknowingly facilitated the war throughout the whole prison system by making those transfers. This day was now recognized as the first day La Familia took a stand against the EME and is honoured as the Familias' anniversary, September 16, 1968.

After La Familia's attack on the EME, its ranks and numbers began to flourish so rapidly that the California Department of Corrections began calling it the "Blooming Flower." The recruitment procedures actually had to be revised and the books were closed, as there were just too many members getting pulled. It became a blood fest. The EME has finally been brought to its knees and everybody who had grown tired or had suffered inflictions at their hands now wanted to become a member of La Familia. The paradox created a vast change in La Familia's recruiting procedures.


Meanwhile, Cheyenne, who helped co-found the group, emerged as a prominent leader for the EME. Coincidentally, he was childhood friends with Chalo, who was one of La Familia's founders. Cheyenne embarked on a personal crusade to forge a truce with La Familia and approached Chalo with his intentions. Cheyenne, being a devout believer in his Mexican heritage, stood strongly against Mexicans killing Mexicans. He genuinely wanted to stop the conflict. It was a vision to bring the two groups together, for the purpose of creating a super gang. He wanted to create a unified, legitimate, political organisation, similar to the Black Panther Party.


Meanwhile, Robert "Babo" Sosa from Santa Barbara emerged as La Familia's supreme commander. He appointed Joe "Death Row Joe" Gonzales as his second-in-command and together they began reorganising the group under a paramilitary structure. Captains, Lieutenants, and Generals were appointed. The NF's visionary criminal genius, Death Row Joe, installed the organisation's foundations and drafted the group's first set of goals, objectives, and by-laws. This was called the Constitution, or La Biblia (Bible). They also changed the title to La Nuestra Familia. Chalo ended up getting transferred to Chino State Prison where he still holds sway within the group but is now an underling to Babo and his chain of command.

Cheyenne, knowing that his best chance at prevailing on the truce lies with Chalo, convinced the prison administration to transfer him there so he could make the proposition. By now, the prison administration had become desperate, after seeing the level of violence and the escalation of prison murders. They agreed to transfer Cheyenne as a last-ditch countercharge. When Cheyenne got to Chino, he approached Chalo about the truce. But Chalo told him that he would discuss it with Death Row Joe, as they're the ones who had the authority to make the decision. Meanwhile, another up and coming member of the EME by the name of Joe "Peg Leg" Morgan, began plotting to sabotage Cheyenne's efforts. Morgan wanted exclusive control over the mainlines and all the prisons. He had no interest in sharing this power. He looked at a truce as a form of bowing out and surrendering. Morgan also began growing tired of Cheyenne's personal indiscretions and began to view Cheyenne as a prison politician who was steadily losing sight of EME's best interests. He felt that Cheyenne's purpose had become self-serving and that he had become a fallen Emero. For the sole purpose of sabotaging Cheyenne's efforts, Morgan ordered four EME soldiers to attack and stab the Arenda brothers. Gilbert and Santos Arenda were both NF members from Maravilla, who were housed in another area of the prison. This was being done simultaneously during the time Cheyenne was approaching Chalo.

When the Arenda brothers were stabbed, Babo and Death Row Joe assumed that Cheyenne was in on it the whole time and that his propositions about a truce were nothing more than a ploy and a deceptive diversionary tactic. Morgan's plan had worked. This resulted in Cheyenne becoming a marked man. It was decided that he had to pay for this with his life. Because of this, some could argue Morgan's own indiscretions became the motivating force in Cheyenne's death. Cheyenne suddenly realised that his power had completely disintegrated and that he had no longer held influence in the Mexican Mafia.

Cheyenne met an inglorious and ungraceful death that day. He had no idea he was about to be killed and assumed that his childhood friend, Chalo, wouldn't allow this to happen. The NF didn't give Cheyenne any reason to believe that he was about to meet his demise that day either. This was initiated by complete surprise. The misrepresentations come from the significant blow to the EME's ego, and in some ways, to ameliorate the EME's conscience that one of their highest placed members had been taken out by a group who they considered inferior, or as they say "by a bunch of farmers." The fact remains that the Nuestra Familia emerged as a countervailing force and, whether the EME accepted this veracity or not, a group to be reckoned with.


On December 17, 1972, Cheyenne exited and was attacked with another EME member by the name of Bobby Zapata. Cheyenne was stabbed more than seventy times and then thrown over the tier. Once Eddie "Crackers" Vindiola, Frank "Joker" Mendoza, and Juan "Manzana" Colon finished stabbing him and threw him over the tier, Ray "Tiny" Contreras continued to stab him and eventually finished him off. By now, the EME began to worry that they were losing the war. Cheyenne's murder ignited a blood fest. The Nuestra Familia had tasted blood and all EME members now became targets. NF's offensive action became a phenomenal inspiration throughout the entire prison system. They became the voice and guiding light of all those that had been oppressed and tormented at the behest of the EME.

Marrying Nancy Flores

Marrying Nancy Flores is a formal term used by familianos to begin your induction also formally known as La Señora into the Nuestra Familia. Members undergoing La Señora, undergo schooling and a series of tests are schooled on the history of the organisation and must learn the Nuestra Familia's constitution, it is mandatory that all NR members memorise the 14 bonds and the constitution also referred to as "The Bible." During La Señora their sponsor teaches members about Grey's Anatomy to become prolific killers and study Eastern philosophy, Mao Sing, Socrates, Machiavelli and revolutionary writings to help develop militant and guerilla warfare mentality, the ethos of the organisation is built on a paramilitary structure. They are also required to understand the concept and significance of the NF insignia, the Mexican sombrero with the dagger piercing through it.


The hat symbolises Mexican heritage and the dagger represents the violent nature of the Organisation. There's a draw-string or braided rope attached to the sombrero which is supposed to characterise a unified unbreakable chain of NF members. At the tip of the dagger, there are three drops of blood. Each drop has its own individual meaning. One drop is for all the enemy blood that has been spilled in the course of a battle, the second drop is for all those members who have sacrificed their lives defending the Organisation, and the remaining drop is for all those members who turn coward, traitor or deserter. (Blood in, Blood out.)



  1. The primary purpose and goals of this organisation are for the betterment of its members and the building up of this organisation into a strong and self-supporting organisation.
  2. All members will work solely for this purpose, putting all personal feelings and goals aside until said fulfilment is accomplished.
  3. A member shall remain a member unless otherwise discharged. He will always be subject to putting the Organisation's best interest first and always above everything else.
  4. A member will honour his commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities in establishing organisational territories and work in hand with other members.
  5. Expulsion is automatic for any member who turns coward, traitor, or deserter. Expulsion is the revoking of membership, respect, and all benefits this organisation has to offer.
  6. In order to invoke (Sec. 5, Article I), the Organisational Governing Body will hold a vote amongst themselves (majority rules). In the case of a tie vote, the decision will lie with a representative of the OGB (Organisational Governing Body). His decision shall be final.


  1. All requests for membership will be made to the OGB according to existing policies at the time the request is made, and any member can make such a request for any individual.
  2. Any individual seeking membership can be denied or excluded for misrepresentation can make such a request for any individual.
  3. The OGB has the power to impose limitations or authorise exceptions regarding recruitment.


  1. All members are subject to disciplinary action or expulsion for his misconduct or behaviour unbecoming a member. Said conditions shall prevail with regards to the member, his superiors, or the organisation as a whole.
  2. The OGB will govern and oversee all organisation policies and procedures. Any and all decisions made by the OGB shall be final.
  3. The Regimental Security Department (RSD) will pass all sentencing and see to the administering of punishment for all minor infractions of conduct.
  4. A member will not disrespect a fellow member or his superiors, be that in actions or words.
  5. At no time shall there be any fighting amongst members. To do so will result in the expulsion of one or both parties involved.
  6. A member will not lie or give false information when discussing organisation business with another member or his superiors.
  7. No member shall put material things before a fellow member or this organisation, including money, women, and drugs.
  8. It is the sacred duty of a member to honour his commitment to this organisation and no member shall feel entitled to any special privileges because of his rank or actions. All that should matter is that you are living up to your responsibilities as a member. Remember, a true familiano does not need to brag or boast about his accomplishment.
  9. Under no circumstances shall a member misleads another member nor misinterpret this constitution for personal gain, nor are there to be any alterations without notification of at least two-thirds (2/3) decision from the OGB.


Ranks within the Nuestra Familia

  • Category I member - New recruits joining the organisation. These members are unproven and hold no rank over any other familianos in the organisation. They spend the majority of their time studying the NF constitution and undergoing other forms of intensive NF training.
  • Category II member - These are members who have proven themselves and whose duties entail schooling the Cat I members. They have at least five years of experience.
  • Category III members - They are management level, they are seasoned familianos who have continued to prove their loyalty to the organisation and are held to the highest standards. They're considered the spit and shine. Cat III members are also members of the OGB (Organisational Governing Body) and hold voting powers. It is from this category where members are chosen and voted in to fill higher positions, such as GC (General Council), IC (Inner Council) or any of the three high offices.
  • La Mesa - A group of NF Generals that hold a certain power.

    Ranks within a Nuestra Familia (street) regiment & The general population (Lvl 3 yard).
    So for every regiment you need 1 General, 1 Regimental Commander, 1 Regimental Captain and his number 2.
  • Regimental Commander is usually the mouthpiece for the general and the regimental captain is a parole either a NF or NR member.

    Mainline you need:
  • OA - Overall Authority (Key holder)
  • Unit Commander - Oversees the tier officers/reps and is 2iC when the OA is out of action.
  • Tier Officers - Run the tiers and training programs.
  • Yard Rep - Usually a member of the household security that is the politician/mouthpiece for the OA in times of war or general beef with other races.
  • Household Security - Usually 3-4 of the most trusted guys with no bias to oversee general punishments and general security throughout the prison, may also manage the movement of drugs and weapons across the tiers. They can put members on freeze and walk alone status, even the OA can be placed on such punishments. They generally answer to the OA, but may also answer to a direct CAT 2 or CAT 3 NF member. 


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We're not accountable and neither do we hold responsibility over what other Norteño factions do nor attempt to portray, with the means of portraying what they consider and deem to be a realistic Norteño street gang. We'll not be forcing any Norteño factions to roleplay with us, and we respect the fact that every single player on this server has the liberty, and freedom of choice, to do what they deem and feel like is enjoyable for themselves and their groups. 

With that being said, for anybody WHO is interested in interacting with us, all recruitment and interactions will be held ICly. We do have a PRIVATE Forum, and discord. To join the discord, you first must sign into the forums. We'll be providing a link below. For any further inquires or requests, feel free to PM me on the forums.

Private forums link: https://northerncar.forumotion.me/

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