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Los Angeles Gang Hats

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this is so corny and missing so much information. you came up with a god awful system and then only added hats that cover a handful of gangs and most notably you forgot about a lot of affiliations that you’ve displayed on the thread. maybe instead of manifesting a “press-factor” you should do some research and make this a proper guide and not some ego, e-gangbanger guide to a relatively small list of hats with a small portion of relevant information. 

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On 8/10/2022 at 4:19 AM, 95southzel said:

I got a Minnesota Twins (TC) tatted on my left arm. If I'm not in South Central what's my level of getting pressed? 

As I know they're high due to the fact that gang members takes tattoos dead serious, like if you've tatted TC you may be taken as actual r30s member who've been put-on

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