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LSRP Legends


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Tomek Broczykowski, Johnny Snake, Edward Kemp, Charles Boyenga, Dalek


Blurem, J7, FiftyDeep, DepyoTV, Beda, Jefe, Yung Shotta, PUB Juice, Nasty Kloxin, RizLaa, Bogus, Rico, Kokys, karol, yander, Ezzyboieh, Miodrag Krcmarik, NTA, Atwood, slime.k, Jspin, angel k, NiceOneHammy, Dule, Quinceyyy, depresifhadisler, kofi, BlackAngellify RP, brandon prescott habibi, GloryVon, SuSo, zhendy, Trey, rencurea, trapstar, shoreline, KevY, BabyFoe, Tweak, Merciless, OCB_, gwapio, smileyy, SICCO LSRP, Matical, beneton, russian gangster, 380Bim, ZanuLSRP, dolphh, SB, Mantle, Hustlin, Rognvaldr, Jaylen_, edward, YeFool, Glockx, spectre, YBN Glizzy, Jayy (cycool), Moe Bodies, Twin, AlmightyyJS, Philosoraptor, mariocazuela, Djayy The Great, Liam LSRP, free credit, AceOsama, LittleWheezy__, ogmuffia LSRP, CORN, Yuval, KP, Nine, Sway, Los, KidBuu, boki, Fireworks, Klorontix,  Raheem, Bash, Glvzed, blaccEx, PapaJarad, DatBlock LSRP, :D, eno, fredo, Jebac Majki, tut, voyage, Consistency, Leander


Emma Bliss, Michael Jefferson (Userone), Natasha Valentine



and many many more

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On 10/14/2021 at 11:53 PM, King said:


Lmfao! You know me, law abiding medic! 👨‍⚕️🚑

EMS Mafia... hours on end chasing you as SD... 🤣


Hard to add more names as thousands have come and gone, I hope the likes of Jammie, Rakesh Namir, the Risk crew, and the rest of the SD crew at the time we all played are doing well.

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