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Squid Game


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Finished watching it yesterday, it was nice overall but the finale was kinda meh. I enjoyed watching it, but I can't say "it's the best show out there" as a lot of people claim.




The plot-twist of the old man being in charge of the games was quite expected lol.

I also wish they went with a different route and not the typical "rich people fund evil games and enjoy watching/participating in them" theme.







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On 10/11/2021 at 7:45 PM, zalenac said:

If you enjoyed Squid Game, you’ll probably like Alice in Borderland more. 

Sadly no. IT bored me out second episode. It really wasn't what I expected tbh. Same genre movie but it sort of died out for me. Sure there're a lot of variety of games and a nice plot where people can actually leave the world by collecting the cards, but it really bored me once I found the plot twist and how it works. Really showed me off from cheering for any characters whatsoever.


Though, squid game was phenomenal for me. I dug into it more and more time by time and watched a good lot of the conspiracy videos and found what I had initially missed. Made a major mistake watching it dubbed in English, so never going to do that again. In fact I watched most of the Alice in Borderland in original Japanese (I think) dubbing and it was a lot better. Might go for a re-watch for Squid Game too.

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