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What kind of roleplay is overratted/underrated?


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Overrated: There's always this one gangster that no one can touch and he rules over whatever is around him and doesn't really follow the rules of RP is truly overrated and I've had enough of those dudes back in SAMP LSRP. 


Douche/Mallrat RP, poorly RP'ed rich life with fancy clothes and stuff.


People who own JDM cars and drive or drift in the streets of the city causing pursuits.


Underrated: Any RP other than those above

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10 minutes ago, Bluman said:

Not enough people RP fear or injuries. I don't mean in the moment but you never see them RP the stress or pain that follows, this is especially for PD/SD. They'd rather continue a pursuit than RP any injuries or fear if they've crashed.

^ would be great

Tyler Reed - Department of Public Works & Transportation (Gov)

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10 minutes ago, catsmoon said:

Underrated: Food truck vendor, street artist, food cart vendors at the pier and beach.  Actually roleplaying outside of interiors and in the streets, beach, and piers. Medical roleplay. 

I would love to give Food cart or Food truck vending a try.


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16 hours ago, Rheotic said:

well executed corruption schemes, underrated.


I agree, I find that most corruption schemes or blackmailing, beating others and collecting payments is underrated. Usually players would just kill each other simply. For example, slapping some guy once for being an asshole and then he shoots you. Hopefully people go a little bit more in depth rather then trying to find reasons to kill one another. I like really developed cases and issues between players, intimidation etc.


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Underrated: television roleplay, construction roleplay, mechanic roleplay.
There are many things that are underrated and many players does it on forum, like on the court etc.

My question is: Why do players start with mobs, gangs? Illegal factions is so overrated than any legal roleplay. Start with some legal roleplay.

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On 10/1/2021 at 7:32 PM, MZeded said:

I also wanna see less nightclub roleplay and more variety of business roleplay.

This all depends on the community itself - the only reason nightclubs thrived was because of the amount of people it would attract due to the lack of other business even bothering to properly execute a opening, especially in the late stages of the SAMP server.
A nightclub scene won't be active if the community doesn't attend, just like any other business type/industry.

I personally find gang RP in general boring/overrated, it became stale for myself since it started to feel like every faction was the same with just a different jacket on; same concept just different background.
When it comes to underrated RP, I would like to applaud the people that roleplay solo characters that aren't directly involved with factions, but do have ties with them - them doing their own thing, maybe a small clique even, instead of being part of a larger group.

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On 10/3/2021 at 4:48 PM, Monocle said:

Countryside roleplay is so underrated.

Feeling optimistic about Blaine County. Just hope people aren't rping a bunch of cattle rustlers and hicks which usually tends to happen lmao


Roleplaying addictions of all kinds seems to be quite underrated from my experience, would be neat to see more addicts around LS. Feel like too many people RP moving to LS/San Andreas instead of being born and raised there too.

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Pimp Roleplay is so overrated and underrated. See Pimp RP is so fun and funny but powerful at the same time. Plus it teaches you how to be Independent, and to be a Entrepreneur. It's also a good way to find ways to make money, it also makes you very Popular, It gives you alot of Respect, you can make alot of friends doin this, and it helps you make Good Business Deals with Crime Syndicates, Politicians, Police and especially Street Gangs depending how good of a Pimp RPer you are, and to tell you the truth, you don't need a faction your litteraly a Walking Faction xD Like for an Example. See back in the day when i was popular, i used to have a crew made up of Crips & Bloods working together for me to making money, like i actually brought Peace to both gangs cuz money changes people, on top of that i had made a deal with a Russian Mob and was about to Co Run they Massage Palor/Dance Club/Brothel in Commerce. Plus i was already managing 2 Strip Clubs 1 in Temple called the Gangsters Paradise and 1 in Verona Beach called the Pretty Pony. And this was just on LSRP! I even on RCRP i had got in good with the Bounty Hunter Bloods in Blue Berry and the 83 Gangsta Crips in Palomino Creek and i even got affiliated with a Sureno gang called Dawn Alley 13 in Montgomery even tho my char was BLACK! LOL.

See the thing is, Pimp RP is not really Roleplay, it's actually a Special Talent. You don't Roleplay your just being yourself. Like Suckas really be out here actually thinking like "IMA RP A PIMP! THE REST IS GONE BE HISTORY!" Theres an old saying, you don't choose the game, the game choses YOU. Well that's a TRUE SAYING! See the way got into this type of roleplay was by accident. Even my name Goldie Mack ain't just no ordinary name. It was given to me by mistake let me tell y'al a quick story.

See back in 017, i got CKed and i left LSRP cuz i was pissed off, then my homie taught me into comming back, so i created my char, got accepted, then all of a sudden, soon as i logged on, i was falling into Blue Hell after the end of the Tutorial at the Airport Spawn, and this admin name Mia i think was trying to solve my problem, but in the end, she told me to create another character, i got mad cuz i didn't want to make ANOTHER LONG ASS APPLICATION AGAIN! She was like "I know! I'm soo Sorry!" Then she said "Give me your new and and I'll make sure I'll get accepted" and all of a sudden, somin made me say "Goldie Mack" so she said she'll promise I'll get accepted. So i did what she said it thinking she was BSin, woke up the next day, got accepted, and STILL FELL INTO BLUE HELL LMFAO! Then somthin told me to keep Spamming the Spacebar at the tutorial and WALAH! Now i got 2 New Characters! Tha End. I got alot of stories but to make a long story short, it was like a process. I kept making friends with the right people till i met the Valentine's and y'all already know what happened XD

And eversince i had this name, I've been getting good luck so i keeps it everywhere i go. See what people fail to realize is, you got to be full time in your Lane. You can be a Pimp, Player, Hustler, Gangster ect. But you can't be Part Time Pimp Part Time Hustler ect. That's why people always getting caught up and getting unexpected CK's (Character Kill's) ect. Cuz they was switching lanes messing up the game.

Now here's the overrated side of Pimp RP. Roleplaying a Pimp is a Lonely Path. It draws alot of HATE. People will hate on you, Judge you, Stereotype you, Reject you, Talk Evil about you, Provoke you, and people won't take you serious and will discourage you in anyway type of way by messing with you, your Hoe's, Robbing you ect. People WILL Underestimate you but the best way to destroy your enemies is to destroy them with $uccess. One thing i learned I'm my life is that Everyone that did me dirty, most of em vanished out my life like they never even existed, they did all that Asskissing, Faking and Backstabbing for Nothin 😆  Look at em now, they still out here livin low bitchin and hating the next dope person on the rise 🤣

See the key to master Pimp RP, is to deal with all of that BS and don't let it get to you. Ya gotta be Ice Cold, Have no Emotions, don't show no Emotions. Don't take No for an answer, always have a Plan B, Don't let no one ESPECIALLY A BITCH Tell you what to do, don't be a Follower be a Leader, don't join nobody's Band Wagon, have your own Style and Slang and be Unique, and tell ya the truth, all a TRUE Pimp Roleplayer really got is they money, they Guns, they Hoe's and most importantly, they Pimp Brains! Sometimes you meet good friends, but your main focus is P.I.M.P Put It In My Pocket. And M.O.B. Most people say Money Over Bitches but i like to say Make Or Break. Make yourself or BREAK YOURSELF! Make Money or Break Bread.

This ya boy Goldie Mack, givin y'all game in the game I'm out....

P.S I mite write a pimp rp guide after this xD.

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