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W/S 83 Hoover Criminals

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If you plan on joining please take note of the following things stated below.


We aim to portray a realistic Hoover Criminal set, mainly showcasing the brutal lifestyle in which the gang members and those around them indulge themselves. Joining this faction will not be easy, as we want people who really like to indulge themselves in actually developing certain characters that revolve around the street gang.
We don't want people joining for the sole reason of "hey we're here to shoot and beef other opposing street gang factions". This goes against everything we're for. All of our recruitment is done completely in character and we mainly roleplay on Jamestown/Macdonald Street, as that is the main basing point of the set. All of our members or individuals that roleplay around us are expected to strictly follow our and LS-RP's server rules. If you fail to do so and you're not committing to actually provide "quality" roleplay, you will be removed.
New members in this faction must be able to RP up to our standards and we set the bar pretty high as we would like to keep roleplay as realistic as possible. No matter what the case is keep matters IC and handle everything maturely, when boredom strikes reach out to other members and try to create realistic roleplay.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Me or @Duffle through PM and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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