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LOS SANTOS — A Hawick man will receive leniency for pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges in a case related to the massive 2019 indictment aimed at the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, court records show.


Matthew D. Shaw, 35, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to distribute at least 100 grams of heroin, a federal offense, in an April 26 hearing before Chief District Judge Samuel F. Drew, court records show. In exchange, federal prosecutors agreed to seek a “low-end guidelines sentence” against Shaw, who faces a minimum of five years in prison.


The plea agreement with Shaw required him to sign a document acknowledging he sold a total of 368 grams of heroin — or 0.8 pounds — to an undercover agent over eight months, drugs he was reportedly receiving from his co-defendant, Gerardo Vincente Lopez. Shaw admitted that on Feb. 17, 2016, he drove to a BurgerShot in West Vinewood to pick up drugs from Lopez, then met the undercover agent in the power tool aisle of the Tools4Less in Hawick, where he gave the agent a quarter-pound of heroin in exchange for $2,950.


Shaw was investigated by the Los Santos Police Department in June 2015, when he started selling heroin to the agent, according to the plea agreement. During the eight-month investigation that followed, authorities not only identified Shaw’s suspected supplier but “obtained wiretaps which resulted, in part in the evidence” that led to the 2019 bust of Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, prosecutors said in court records.


In court records filed in 2019, prosecutors said the investigation into Shaw led investigators to an alleged Los Santos heroin ring run by Beverly Cross, who also allegedly sold heroin to an undercover agent. At the time, authorities say Cross was in regular contact with Paul Matthews Tucker 58, an alleged leader of the Aryan Brotherhood who was serving a life sentence in the maximum-security San Andreas Correctional Facility.


The Aryan Brotherhood has been confined to federal and state prison Security Housing Units under 24 hour lockdown for decades but the increased restrictions have done little to prevent the gang's influence from spreading. Public Enemy Number One, a skinhead street and prison gang, took over the role as soldiers for the Aryan Brotherhood in the mid 2000s and by all accounts continue to enforce the Aryan Brotherhood's rule even today. Violent assaults, murders, thefts, drug trafficking, fraud and the sale of illegal firearms have funded the Aryan Brotherhood's rise to their current heights in the criminal underworld and despite law enforcement's best efforts continue unabated. 





OOC: The White Car aims to depict a realistic, authentic and character-driven depiction of the California white street and prison gang culture. If you wish to role play with us please do so by finding our characters in-game and roleplay with us. The White Car is an umbrella faction which encompasses multiple local, state-wide and prison based skinhead, peckerwood and white gangs. You do not need to be a member of any one specific gang to be a part of the White Car, but rather role play with the white gang community as a whole. All questions can be directed to Marvin_Redman.



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