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On 10/2/2021 at 1:20 AM, Maxim said:

Me and some buddies of mine are considering buying it, is the game any fun?

I know there's a long queue, but I'm talking about the actual content of the game.

yes the game is really fun imo also just join a low pop server with no queues and you're fine

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20 hours in and it's a good game, but there's certainely a lot of room for improvement. Combat system (to me) is still ordinary, quests are getting very repetative (walk here, kill that, walk here, kill that). There's no incentive to craft weapons as every weapons from quest i've gotten so far are best in slot. Map is very small, with only two regions able to be unlocked until level 25 (~30 hours). Aside from these teething issues, yeah, it's a great game.

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Yup grinding the hell out of the game for the first week and a half, got up to the early 40s but stopped playing.

Was too grindy and the gameplay was repetitive.

Also it took them nearly 2 weeks to fix the expeditions on our server, couldn't progress past amrine or starstone dungeons. 

Shit was ridiculous.

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