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Favorite SAMP LS-RP memory


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RPing on Roisin Dunne from 0 to 100, developing from nothing to something and also the F13/EHC war that had good GND interactions in between.

Valeria Avendaño

Miguel Mondragon

La Puerta Boys


Guide to Irish Roleplay

Guide to Paisa Roleplay

Guide To Drug RP in Gangs

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On 10/5/2021 at 6:57 AM, Spanion said:

GND and EHC interactions, back when there was mutual respect between a gang cop and a gang affiliated member  

Most realistic gang to cop RP I ever had, was great fun. Shit was done right.

Nightmare from SAMP LS-RP


S/O Eastside Hustler Crips & Oldschool OG's - you know who you are

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The Outfit and Murdablock was where it began for me. 

ViperZ was probably the most fun with @zapper and @Farrell

LSPD has given me so many memories in the last 2 years, and there's many more to come.


Sorry @DopeboyJ but this was really funny.


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Retired LS-RP Junior Administrator

     Rest In Paradise Pitchounette, you are remembered always 💙

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the countless LBM wars with the serbs/balkans whoever they were.

the LBM war against Valenti

any faction shant suvalian made/helped found usually turned out legendary

cant forget how dw&a singlehandedly restructured the whole drug game simply by inspiring the willpower to be a more accurate portrayal of a streetwise thug. they sort of also bred some serious criminals IRL too which i found funny as fuck i.e. pu$herman went full roadman after learning how to flip packs off the winona ave crew. Fritz gave up on running Harlow St. with me to go do ketamine and be a triggerman for hire.

the depth of the waves this server made in the world will never be truly realized.

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The 2014 earthquake event was awesome! I remember we would get a government warning audio message every time we joined the server. The map was destroyed & an aftershock would send all the cars flying randomly. Good times.


Here's a YouTube video showing the message & a bit of the map changes: 


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9 hours ago, Nightmare. said:


The Maravillains as well!!


Definitely some of my favourite times on LS-RP were interacting with you guys, and probably most of those people even in these screenshots. Monica Miramontes, Bianca Valdez & plenty more also contributed to those great times. 2016 was a great time for illegal roleplay!




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