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The San Andreas Freedom Party

Alexander Yingcheng

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Name: The Freedom Party Of San Andreas
Motto: "For The People And For Liberty, we stand."
Legal Status: Legal Political Party
Ideology: Liberalism, National Liberalism, Republicanism, Democratic Values, Three Principles of the People, Anti-Communism
Political Stance: Center-Right
Anthem: The Song To The Auspicious Cloud 

Constitution Of The Party: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CUiHD46AjZDbf9lEary53Ph2iBX-MhP-Lwe-Alj3yLQ/edit?usp=sharing






The freedom party of San Andreas is a political party aiming to the betterment of ALL people of San Andreas regardless of skin, Race, nationality, Sexual preference, OR religion. It is dedicated to freedom and democracy while also ensuring that living condition become better to all citizens 




Red represent Americans

Yellow represent Asians of all kind from Chinese to Japanese to Koreans 

Blue represent pacific islanders or others such as Australian with American citizenship or people from Marshall Islands

White represent Europeans who have American citizenship

Black represent African Americans who suffered in the past and still do to some degree




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