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How Much Does lsrp Personally Mean To You

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this server means everything to me man i wake up everyday and the first thing i do is i check discord and check mmartin's social medias to see if he's posted any updates about the release date

inshallah brothers we will get the server soon you have to stay strong 

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LSRP means a lot to me and I'm sure it does for many others as well, I've experienced many servers in the past but LSRP was the best and I stuck with it since the first day I joined, blown away with the furniture script and what it had to offer at the time.  I personally experienced a lot of great roleplay with a lot of great people over the years that really made the LSRP community, every single moment was worth it to me. 


I want LSRP V to do really well, I want to play it every moment I get and build up again. I personally see LSRP thriving once it releases. I really do hope the server launches at the end of September for all of us to start rping again, would be really fun! 


I'll always love LSRP. 🥰

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