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I think it was around 2016, that I was first allowed to test a new script in a leadership capacity. Bare in mind, this was well before any of us had read the writing on the wall, and we were still rosy cheeked enough to legitimately believe that this was going to be the first addition of many, certifying Mmartin as a capable lead developer. I don't think Bay Area had happened yet, and GTA:W / GTA:5 roleplay was little more than quiet whispers in Skype calls. When I look at the current state of affairs, I'm brought back to those moments. Broken promises, missed deadlines, empty reassurances, and little regard for the brunt that the rest of staff had to bear for all of it.


Reading admin posts is like looking in a mirror. The blind defense of a man who really doesn't give a fuck about you or anything else is something you'll really only ever understand when you're sitting in that seat. If I had to guess, it comes from a place of passion for the game. If I had to warrant another, the snarky attitude is misplaced frustration with Mmartin. Trust me, they know. They hate him too.


I think it's plainly obvious that everybody still here is here for a love of the game, and a love for the community. If you would spare me just a moment of your time, I'd ask you to really think about what made LS:RP what it was. What is it you loved, what made it fun, what kept you coming back for more? If I could dare to get even more abstract: what was LS:RP? 


• LS:RP was us. You, me, and every other person who made a contribution to this game. Every administrator, every tester, every player, every faction, and every shred of effort that a group of likeminded, infinitely creative and impassioned players and friends alike had made across 12+ years. LS:RP was the community, and the infinite potential every one of us saw that the game could be, and came together with our combined imaginations to make it so. Feel free to disagree individually with any of my points, but I guarantee you every single one of them is a cherished memory to somebody here:

• LS:RP was staying up till 3:00a.m with your friends, making a faction thread for the sheer fun of it;
• LS:RP was Chete's MS13, revolutionizing the concept of factions, introducing hundreds of us to gang role play (including myself);
• LS:RP was pioneers of inventive types of role play, like Shah of Persia, and R. Hout, who never stopped pushing the limit on exploring new concepts;
• LS:RP was incredible individual character stories, curated on the screenshots & videos forum as a quiet time capsule of days past;
• LS:RP was logging onto stunting servers / dm servers during server outages, or settling Skype arguments on that one server (for the life of me I can't remember the name! Koky's?);
• LS:RP was the infinite contributions of people like Westside and Obsessi0n, who otherwise pushed the boundaries on individual characters and gang quality;
• LS:RP was the infinitely deep, and infinitely static LCN scene, baring no greater sense of passion from a group of players on any game I've ever seen before;
• LS:RP was the individual contributions of testers at the crack of dawn, hammering the last of the applications down after a particularly busy night;
• LS:RP was walking into Meathead's Deli for the first time in 2014 and being introduced to casual, passive role play for the first time, and falling in love with it whilst Bob Seger blares over that 181.fm station;
• LS:RP was midnight conversations with Bospy, Pitchounette and KaylaSpace, discussing what our dream FBI faction would be;
• LS:RP was every internal gang war. Finding out that Nova died still gives me goosebumps, or having Icey retaliate for ColossalBQ CKing me;
• LS:RP was figuring out how the hell to install IRC for the first time, when you got tester;
• LS:RP was Teamspeak fights about the direction of your faction and where it should move forward. I never got to apologize to iJoker and I regret it;
• LS:RP was the transition between ENB to the "elite" grime era of screenshots;
• LS:RP was getting caught behind the Ganton blue projects with your gun stash by a pair of prying eyes, and logging off pissed off because you know the rest of your week is SACF;
• LS:RP was the 2014-2016 era casinos. Companies like Roux and BION are still firmly branded into my brain;
• LS:RP was learning about the mechanic paycheck in the county, and beating yourself up over the 50 hours you played without it;
• LS:RP was seeing the name "Settlemire" (I think?) in the distance and pissing your pants in Skype about the incoming casefile;
• LS:RP was the transition towards "grime" role play, focusing on drug dependency and mental illness, racism and other uncomfortable topics, pioneered by factions like Peddlers of Death;
• LS:RP was the Iraq War level gang conflicts between factions like Beasley & Associates (love u Damaz), Crenshaw, Hoover, WGS18, ViperZ, EHC, and the thousand other factions I'm woefully forgetting as I write this;
• LS:RP was the individual contribution of every administrator who took time out of their day to contribute to something they loved;
• LS:RP was the individual contribution of every tester, every forum moderator, and every subteam member who worked to help make the community what it was;
• LS:RP was the individual contribution of every faction leader, every member of FMP, and every player who worked to build their faction and make a permanent mark on the server;

• LS:RP was long lasting friendships. I still play games with Surreal on a regular basis;

LS:RP was us.

I'm not putting my neck out to burn a bridge. Believe me, I love this game as much as any of you do. I'm not trying to shit on anybody, but I'm simply asking you to heed my warning: don't commit to something and blindly defend it because it's name is attached to something that you love. Their is very fair criticism to be had on the matter, and I'm asking you to place it correctly. Kane, Bennemus, and whoever are easy to direct your frustrations at because they respond. Don't let them be another lightning rod. We caught enough for him. 

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LSRP would've been great if people like Mmartin would be kept away, he's just lying to everyone for months giving fucked up reasons and thinking that everyone will buy his lies for the 100th time lol. This will never see the day of light, and even if that happens, it'll be a massive L because no one will return here, for the obvious reasons. LSRP was great when you played it with your friends and enjoyed it, but looking back, there was hardly any activity regarding updates or implementing new features. People kept donating regardless of that, and that's why Suggestions were locked for years :). To whoever still hopes this opens up, just move on and remember LSRP as a good old memory where you learned wonderful stuff and met great people.


For me LSRP was logging in in Carson for around 3 years and spending hours and hours trying to bring some action in the county. Having barbecues and talking about aliens and basically just having fun. 
LSRP was when your mIRC would ping and your PC would buzz like hell.

LSRP was when you spent many nights playing with your friends and simply had fun with almost nothing.

LSRP was. 🙂  I've tried to join this once I saw the GTA V server and I was surprised to see updates being pushed regularly, but what happened since March proves me that I wasn't wrong - LSRP will be LSRP. It's too late to return and try to change something now, any excuse is useless and no one will ever believe anyone in the Lead Staff anymore. Zero transparency = zero players.


Whatever and whenever opens here, it'll be either old relics playing for the nostalgia, or banned players that are not accepted anywhere else by now. And the relics will leave as soon as they realize that. 


i'm probably getting banned from this forum by now, but I've seen enough crazy shit in my time here. 

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the only way lsrp becomes something other than a nostalgia trip is by handing it off to fresh blood. i mean letting all the admins and management reinstate despite the unanimous hate they received for the last server's downfall was super questionable. imo martin should take a step back and manage the server from a macro standpoint, using his experience to guide the developers in the right direction but not being a physical chokepoint needed to deploy changes and manage the dedis


even if this server miraculously releases we're just going to get half-years of stagnancy on repeat until people get fed up bcs mmartin will always be needed to press the deploy button and pay the hosting n his career obviously cant support the micro management needed to run this stuff


its sad, i wonder how long it will take for developers to figure out all people want is a basic heavy rp platform that isnt GTAW

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Honestly one glance at the staff and development team of this new iteration put me off it immediately. There are individuals in this team that singlehandedly made many of those great names you listed leave the community out of frustration - not going to name names (Kane). I wasn't part of SAMP LSRP for long enough in the 'good times' to really appreciate it, but I do know that it progressively went down hill with the further involvement of certain developers and members of the administration team even within the timeframe that I played.

Competing with GTAW will be a tough task as it is, never mind the things you mention about Mmartin's inability to commit to the project, or lack of desire to. I don't know what the answer is unfortunately, the individuals that made the LSRP that people love(d) is not the LSRP roster that we have today. 

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LSRP has always been a core of people who enjoy RPing making the server active fleeced by a bunch of weird foreigners who can poorly script and position themselves with skype/discord dick-sucking to wield petty authority on e-communities to compensate for their inadequate real lives.


RP'ers are the cows that get milked by weirdo's who live for fake internet "clout" in insular communities.


Mow didn't RP and was a weirdo.

DamianC didn't RP and was a weirdo.

Krisk didn't RP and was a weirdo.

Mmartin doesn't RP and is a weirdo.

When they got a server with enough momentum going, they milked it. It was never the scripters or admins who made LSRP decent; LSRP was decent at times in spite of their bullshit.

When the player count dropped and alternatives appeared, the house of cards collapsed.


LSRP was always hamstrung by its poor admins/leadership; it could in theory of kept going a lot, lot, lot longer (perhaps still) if it was run with the intention of creating a positive RP space and not as a e-fief for degenerates with no life.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/2/2022 at 10:39 PM, Flemwad said:

I miss you buddy.  We had a lot of good conversations.  Things look a bit bleak.  I'm just hoping something happens that turns it around.  We'll see. 

You and people like Apophis were apart of the bad side of LSRP. Flemwad you singehandily brought GOV rp to it's knees because you wouldn't trust players.


Apophis makes this thread, but people celebrated when he left. He wasn't apart of the positive side of LSRP. 


He was never one of "us" as he says. 


The six years I spent on LSRP was the greatest gaming experience of my life. Playing alongside some amazing people, the community is what made LSRP great. The factions, the solo rpers and the people who were behind them. What bogged this server down was always stemming from one source, management. Yet nobody in management believes they were the problem. Just look at this thread, nobody thinks they were apart of the problem. 

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Posted (edited)

Ehhhhhhhhh, Surreal's LSRP was mid-tier LSRP, the decline of it all. Dude was like Krisk 2.0 besides he wasn't a pedo he was just a dude that had a friendship group (you included in said group, love u tho) that ran LSRP down to the ground the remaining days. I get Surreal was there, but he wasn't any better. Probably wasn't entirely his fault, not saying the dude didn't care but what could he have done ya kno? SAMP wasn't going to last forever. At least the damn server ran. 


LSRP never really had a fully devoted, active, passionate leader or dev team who wasn't inactive. Never will. Kane could be, only time can tell. 


Give this shit to Kane and use some of that Patreon $$ to finish up these scripts. Or is it too late? Can we see a ledger of what that money has been spent on?


Apophis, I agree with you about Mmartin and the transparency, the majority of your list but one thing lol!! 😅😂


• LS:RP was Chete's MS13, revolutionizing the concept of factions, introducing hundreds of us to gang role play (including myself);

Wasn't a good thing, this man was inviting anyone to his shit-tier faction for shits n giggles. Him and Conspiracy are hopefully long long gone or never allowed in FM again.  





I miss old LSRP, I am glued to the nostalgia of peak SAMP days and just being a kid on a game I love. I was hoping LSRP here would bring back that experience. 


I miss the creative aspect of LS:RP RP, heavy RP with tons of creativity. It was fun. GTA:W isn't bad but it's too idk - I don't want to come home from my job and feel like I'm IRL again lol. If you get what I mean.


I miss old LSRP.


Bring back the old forums.


Also, remember when we used to all be noobs during the OG trucking script days in like 2011-12 - RPing a Crip during server peak and when everyone logged off u trucked the night out lmao. Noob days!

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I got a 1 month post ban for "too much constructive criticism."








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On 6/2/2022 at 10:39 PM, Flemwad said:

I miss you buddy.  We had a lot of good conversations.  Things look a bit bleak.  I'm just hoping something happens that turns it around.  We'll see. 

You were part of the reason the SA:MP server went downhill. 10/10 WORST Head of Legal Factions, absolute dog shit admin I have zero idea how you made it to where you were. Please do us a favor and don't come back. All you did was suck Wildcat and Gibbz off and do nothing for legal factions. 

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SERGEANT FELIX ENCARNACION - LSSD                                                                                                                                                



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On 6/11/2022 at 5:48 PM, Jerome said:

You were part of the reason the SA:MP server went downhill. 10/10 WORST Head of Legal Factions, absolute dog shit admin I have zero idea how you made it to where you were. Please do us a favor and don't come back. All you did was suck Wildcat and Gibbz off and do nothing for legal factions. 

I agree with the following statement

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On 6/7/2022 at 10:21 PM, Ronnie2Polez said:

Kane could be, only time can tell. 


Give this shit to Kane and use some of that Patreon $$ to finish up these scripts. Or is it too late? Can we see a ledger of what that money has been spent on?


Nah he won't be, if he actually cared enough to lead LSRP he'd have been more active, posting frequent blog updates and putting other things into motion to make sure the community is in a good place when the server finally launches. Making some rules for players and factions isn't all that hard and would take a week of internal discussions at most to make sure everyone's onboard. To quote Ben directly, Kane isn't motivated to finish what needs done scriptwise. What the community needs, is someone who is motivated to go that extra mile to get things done, someone who is actually active within the community besides a few one liners here and there, someone who answers constructive community concerns and feedback. Noone in current management has done any of this outside of a paywalled discord. Which has to be leaked to the rest of the community for us to even know there's discussion. That doesn't sit well with me, not at all.


No community can function without motivated, visible and passionate leadership at it's core. If things continue as they are, it's only a matter of time before LSRP disappears for good.

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Just give up guys, Mmartin has been on holiday in Slovenia for the last days, right after he came back out of nowhere saying the Sunday meeting will be postponed. Dude's living his life lmao. 

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1 hour ago, Stretchrum said:

Keep deleting the threads boys, that'll make them change their mind on leaving 

it's like the kids that say it's never their fault 🙂 but they ruin the fun for everyone.


management should accept this as it is and will be: dead lol. even open or closed. (waiting for someone to probably ban/mute me and delete my posts anyways)

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Instead of deleting a 200+ post thread, some work to improve the situation should have been done. It makes me baffled how community-silencing is still being done. Come on management, there's still a chance.

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