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Genny's Drawings


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I've been a big fan of @LordSpyx's digital art since I've known her and I wanted to give it a shot again once I had the free time. I've also had a drawing tablet and pen since 2014 and I haven't really done much drawing on the computer up until now. I'm learning from her drawings and Lordspyx herself. 


These are emojis I've drawn for my brother's Twitch stream. They represent my brother's two cats, same marking and all.



I was able to put together the staff picture for the month of February 2022. I outlined the pilot and plane and basically redrew it to resemble Redz and his favorite Canadian commercial plane. I also made the banner. 



Baby Cow




German Shepherd




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16 hours ago, LordSpyx said:


D'awww 🥺 😭


Your cow is literally SO cute ❤️

Thank you. 🥰


13 hours ago, PrOxyy said:

lovely stuff yo

thanks yo


13 hours ago, Mikee said:

Wow, looks good Genny, keep it up!

Thank you! Starting on my next project today.


12 hours ago, holaa. said:




2 hours ago, Quicky said:

Good stuff.

Thank you~


40 minutes ago, mythical said:

I like it, Picasso

Thank yooooouuuuuu mythical~


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10 hours ago, Amaciara said:


You are very welcome ❤️



6 hours ago, DayOff said:

wow, it's really cool and ur brother is lucky to have your support 

Oh, he knows! Lol. Most of his viewers are people I know! 🥰


5 hours ago, Flemwad said:

Looking good.  Besides me being dropped from a plane.

Last time I checked you were perfectly content with being thrown out of the plane.


3 hours ago, RafaSilva15 said:

Just loved your drawings, Genny. So cuute! Hahaha Nice work

Aww, thank you! ♥

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