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Hello everyone.


I've been playing SAMP RP on another RP server since 2012, I was only 10 at the time lol


I haven't ever played LS-RP extensively or seriously but have come and gone in between when the server I used to play on was closed. I've always known it to be a good community though, I just started on that other server and got so used to it that I didn't wanna move to LSRP despite the community on the other server being shit. (no it wasnt NGG, IM or some shit low RP server)


I quit SAMP and RP in general around 2018-2019 when I moved countries and got into college, lost interest for the most part but recently I've been feeling nostalgic and tried GTA V RP but most servers are either low RP or not serious.. Heard about LS-RP and their cool GTA V RP project so I guess I'm back to try it out!  This time I think I will mostly play on LS-RP because this is probably going to be the only good serious RP server. 


Some of you may remember me from other communities from many years ago as a troll/retarded kid, I got a lot of admin jails and temp bans back in the days because I was just a kid and fucked around too much - also didn't help that I pretended to be older and people thought I was just one of those people who's immature despite being old. I can assure you all I am not like that anymore, definitely grew up a lot since then!


Looking forward to some good RP and seeing where this project goes! The features seem great so far, cant wait for it to open!

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“He became his own blues song, a Tom Waits loser, a Kerouac saint, a Springsteen hero under the lights of the American highway and the neon glow of the American strip. A fugitive, a sharecropper, a hobo, a cowboy who knows that he’s running out of prairie but rides anyway because there’s nothing left but to ride.”



Drugs & You [GUIDE]

Roleplay & You [GUIDE]

Create your own screenshots [GUIDE]

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