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Greetings people,

I'm HeronZG, but I also had different nicknames in different communities (PR-RP, GTAW & others).
I'm from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Been part of LS-RP since cca. 2009. whilst I started playing SA-MP in 2007. (a year after I got my first PC), I think?

I've usually role played as a slavic street mobster, however tried other types of role play as well.

The characters I remember role playing on LS-RP are the following:
- Luis Cortez (my 1st LS-RP character I think?)

- Carlos Garza
- Craig Wright (apparently I wasn't the only one using this name)
- Pernell Layton
- Robert Hayes (apparently I wasn't the only one using this name)
- Vincent Castracci (associate in Valenti)
- Aleksandar Mrcinovic (associate in Belevski)
- Aleksandar Koljevic (associate in Beogradski Klan/Balkanski Klan)
- Aleksandar Raskovic (yeah, I really liked the name Aleksandar at that time- soldier and later captain in Barajevska Ceta and Pancevacka Grupa)

On other communities I've roleplayed as:
- Boris Kapylyushny (Western Obschak & ETOC on GTAW)
- Ante Horvat (Jovanovic Crime Ring on GTAW)
- Ethan Cox (LSPD - small time spent)
- Aleksandar Raskovic (Raskoviceva Kriminalna Grupa - PR-RP)
- Luis Cortez (Detective - PR-RP)

Also, I used to create/mod/rig/texture character skins on SA-MP and LS-RP.

I was unfortunately a big rulebreaker, however LS-RP taught me English and to role play in general.

I stopped playing SA-MP in 2018. Played other games meanwhile, got a kid, job, girlfriend, etc.

Will be most likely getting back to Slavic-American street mobster role play.

Working on my character background story and shizzle.

See you in-game, I suppose.


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