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Thanks, LS-RP


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'Computer Love' by Zapp & Roger was a song I heard in a random XMR radio. At the time, 24K Magic had just been released and is still popping. As you know, both those songs use the instrument called a 'voice box' or 'talk box'. After hearing this song on the radio, I can't stop dreaming about it and I wanted to buy one, but it is very rare to find in my country. Very, very, very few people have it and I haven't seen a single store that has it. But that changed in around 2018 when a major music store in my country had it for a limited amount of time. I wanted to buy it but I was just a kid, I couldn't afford it. Plus, the price of that thing is almost double the retail price in the US. For years I have been listening to this type of music and I just can't get enough of it.


Finally, after about five years later (now), I've been able to buy one abroad and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I can say that this time of my life might be the most ecstatic I've ever been (minus the coronavirus pandemic and minor sicknesses that I had).

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That's amazing!

Police Officer III+1 Armins Straume                                  Director Mark Stormberg

Central Traffic Division                                                    Department of Public Works & Transportation

Los Santos Police Department                                        City of Los Santos




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