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I'm Mouse, I'm something but not quite sure what. Haven't figured that out yet, just floating around, existing and trying to find the motivation to work on my art again.

I was a 3D Environment Artist and Graphic Designer and also made GTA V mods, atm I don't do too much of anything. I like to plan events in LSRP and create fun for players, LSGOV is my first ever faction in my 10+ years of roleplay.

 I've been an artist for pretty much all of my life, studied Fine Art at University and was a photographer for a short time, I like to do Photography in video games now as I don't have the opportunity to do it for real. I've worked for a few indie game studios before and large modding projects but atm nothing.


I'm kinda shy, don't talk much nor really know how to,  I like farming games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Runescape. Been in a relationship with @CChef for longer than I can remember now and hopefully we'll get married soon.

Me, my cat and some art I guess.







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