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Faction Updates, New Developers, Progress




Hey all,


Yet another week has gone by and we're excited to share our progress. There's been a lot done behind the scenes, so if you're a fan of fancy visuals this one might not be for you but they're very important updates nonetheless.



You've probably already seen the major feature preview of Radio Systems of the week. What the video doesn't highlight as much is the progress on the backend of our inventory system. We've completed scripting interactive items, placing items from your inventory into the world and a bunch of setup code that'll enable us to have a feature-rich, scalable and powerful inventory down the line. The Radio feature also showcased the first result of the collaboration between the Modding team and Devs, where objects made by @Mario were put into the main gamemode and integrated into the Inventory and Radio systems.


Going on, @Kane created a Notes app for the phone (Link to Discord snippet) and a couple small improvements to the gamemode code. We've also built up our infrastructure more, some of our static game content is now hosted on a CDN for faster and more reliable and streamlined delivery.


With that in mind, we've also welcomed two developers into our team - @Drew and @Smally whose sole focus for the time being will be web development and development of standalone applications. This should accelerate our development significantly.


Under the umbrella of the Development Team, we've established a Designer Team to help us create fitting bits of graphic for our forums and some aspect of the gamemode. The founding members of the team are @Will, @elgreco and Rr


Exciting news ahead is that we're targeting to launch the community forums for the general public on October 1st if everything goes according to a plan. If you'd like to make an account before, you can by becoming one of our Early Supporters over at Patreon. This gets you some more cool perks depending on the tier and directly supports the development of the server.



The Faction Team continues with its efforts in providing an ideal rule set for the server to abide by - this week, the topic revolved around Distribution Schemes and Turf Maps.


The Turf Map has always played a major role alongside the Rules of Engagement to provide factions with a form of establishment and to create a roleplaying environment for their faction through properties, businesses, garages, complexes, etc.


Many suggestions were made such as:

•  Do Organized Crime Groups really need turf?
•  Should we consider taking a different dynamic with Turf Maps?
•  Should Factions be forced into war if they plan on expanding on already owned turf?


With Distribution Schemes (Weapon & Drugs), the Faction Team noticed that throughout the last couple of years on LS:RP there was an overall lack of diversity. Factions had no real need to interact amongst each other as there was nothing that they couldn’t acquire by themselves. To tackle this, we aim to introduce some exclusivity to what weapons and drugs some factions may acquire in the future.


The Faction Team does plan on introducing a new scheme which they’re very excited about. White Collar Crimes/Fraud Scheme, which will entail skimming, fake IDs, use of scam sites, and possibly more. A lot has been addressed and a lot more will be discussed in the upcoming weeks regarding Distribution Schemes and Turf Maps and we are yet to have anything set in stone.

- Writeup by @Ten


Legal Factions

The Los Santos City Government faction is looking for new ideas and suggestions to bring more interaction and involvement between the government and the community, as well as more interesting and immersive roleplay. We're open to all sorts of ideas, blue sky thinking is appreciated as well. If you have any suggestions, please PM @Maxim


The Sheriff's Department has detailed their plan for reinstatements into the faction:




PHASE 1: All retired field staff will be allowed to begin posting reinstatements request October 04.
PHASE 2: All retired supervisory/command will be allowed to begin posting reinstatements some time between October 11-18.
PHASE 3: All retired executive staff will be allowed to begin posting reinstatements request some time later October.
PHASE 4 & 5: All previous faction members who have been discharged and/or transfers from another department. We have no ETA on this one, but we are prioritizing retired staff first. We're estimating this to be around the same time the LSRP:V server launches or even after it.


A few people might ask why we are doing this in phases. The reason for this is in the past, the faction has held more supervisory/command positions than actual field staff and a very unfair ratio. Therefore we are focusing on field staff presence more than ever, as you are what make up this faction.


Now this is for any individual who has held supervisory, command, or even executive positions in the past. When, and if you do decide you wish to reinstate into the faction bare in mind there is a 95% chance that you will not receive your previous rank. You may receive a rank much lower than you expected (E.g a Captain wishes to reinstate and gets Sergeant, or even Deputy Sheriff). It is nothing against you, but as mentioned before this is to prevent the faction from having an unfair ratio in different areas. It will still be documented of your previous rank, therefore you may have the possibility to advance back to your previous rank as command/executive staff deem fit.



The Police department has detailed their plan for reinstatements as well:



Early Reinstatements
Early Reinstatements will open on the 1st October 2021.
Early Reinstatements are only open for those who were previously a Police Sergeant I / Police Detective II+ in the LSPD (SA:MP)
You must have served in the LSPD during 2020 or 2021 in order to apply.
Early Reinstatements will be sent via forum PM to the 'Staff Officers' user group.
By sending an early reinstatement, you should understand that you will not reinstate at the same rank and likely be given a lot lower rank than your previous assignment.


Faction Reinstatements will open on the 1st November 2021.
Reinstatements are only open to those who previously held the rank of Police Officer II and above.
You must have served in the LSPD since 2018.
You must have left the faction in good standing in order to be considered for reinstatement.
If you were terminated, you'll be required to apply through recruitment when recruitment opens.
By sending a reinstatement, you should understand that you will not reinstate at the same rank and likely be given a lot lower rank than your previous assignment.


- Writeup by @Imperium


A lot of productive discussion happened overall within the staff team just this week. We've some exciting stuff planned for both script and community development in the coming weeks, so make sure you don't miss our updates. The best way to stay close to the action is to join our Discord for the quick-bits, or to follow us on Twitter and YouTube, to immediately see major previews as we release them.


Kind regards,



Cover photo credits: u/Mr-Habanero on Reddit



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Looking forward to providing a great UCP and other web applications alongside @Drew

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