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July Update




Hey everyone,


I'd like to update you on what's been going on the last few weeks. We've resumed development in a limited capacity after I had to take some time off due to personal issues and boy we've got a lot to talk about. As promised, it's July 13th so we're bringing you more information on the release timeline.


When does LS-RP come out?

Given the scope of remaining work & testing, we're currently targeting to release in August. Vast majority of features are either finished or in final stages of development. All features will be re-tested in the coming weeks in case our latest work messed with anything made previously. Concrete date will be given at least 7 days prior to release. This is to ensure that in case we encounter an abnormal amount of hiccups, we don't have to postpone. I know you'd rather a number to look forward to, but I'm sure you'd rather not have to see another delay announcement. I know I don't want to write one.


Where are the snippets?

The hype we had built for the February release date was something that'll be hard to replicate. Or at least so I thought until we hit a record number of attendees on our first staff meeting back (over 50 at one point!). Some of the activities such as development streams will be left out for the time being to maximize productivity; however as a part of our release campaign to build up interest and hype again we'll be posting a new snippet every day — Starting today. Some snippets, such as today's one, will be accompanied by a short description to give you more insight into our thought process.


So join us on Discord at discord.gg/ls-rp so you don't miss any of them.



As of July, we've paused our Patreon billing cycle. We've raised enough funds to get us off the ground and any further funding will have to be secured through a product/credit purchase in our web store, after we launch. As a token of appreciation and an apology for the extended delay, we'll also be adding 20% credits on top to every patron who supported us (example; 10 EUR tier * 6 months = 120 EUR * 120% = 144 EUR worth of credits).

In conclusion, the next few weeks will be us wrapping up, merging finished features into the main codebase and getting ready for the big day. Once again thank you for your patience, feedback and enthusiasm. Hope you're enjoying summertime; see you around on Discord




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On 9/12/2022 at 10:52 AM, Duarte said:

Well, guess this is over then. Time to find another community to be a part of. It's sad that the SAMP server was closed, we at least had something there, even if it wasn't as popular as it was many years ago.

Is there any such? Nothing would be like LSRP though. Only If we were given the SAMP script.

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12 hours ago, ezosk said:

Is there any such? Nothing would be like LSRP though. Only If we were given the SAMP script.


Oh there is in RageMP, which is why LS-RP is dying.

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Still really bums me out that a release date was promised ~4 months ago, and so far the only confirmation we have is that it will not be released in September. Would it kill you guys to show some interest in updating the community? Yeah sure, technically you could argue that by "aiming for August" it means that no promises have been broken. But you guys know what you're doing, we know what you're doing, and it's just disrespectful. 


Delays really suck, but not nearly as much as seeing how little you guys give a shit about the community. Zero effort in the last year to improve communications, no apologies for anything, no real updates about the progress of the server for months on end. 



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GTA World is releasing a 2nd server in Liberty City and you guys are still figuring out how to even be good community leaders. Fuckin' pathetic, just open the SAMP server back up and collaborate with Open.mp and let it die there, cause this ain't going anywhere on RageMP, especially with the piss poor communication.

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On 9/29/2022 at 6:57 PM, Anthony Adams said:

Not even a update to let us know what’s poppin? 

Nah, they don't care. They might show up eventually and pretend like it hasn't been rado silence for months or pretend like it isn't killing off what little support they had left. You might even get a snarky remark or two, if you're lucky. 

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