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March Release Update




Hey everyone,


We've decided to once again move our release date. First and foremost, please accept our apologies.


I understand the frustration everyone must be feeling, and you aren't alone. Our biggest challenge is time. Every release date we've set, whether February 24st or week of March 21st, has been calculated based on current development team availability which has proven to change unexpectedly more often than not, leading us to continue to undercalculate our progress and release timeframes.


Nonetheless, I won't give you any excuses. We gave out a date and we should be expected to meet it, that is on us. Once again, we're sorry for the continued false promises.


With that being said, the work hasn't stopped. We're very close to launching and I'm prepared to show you a sheet of outstanding features.


You can see that list here: 282100.png Features list


The features listed are the current prerequisites to us launching.


It's been a busy month for all of us in the development team but I'm still able to assure you that development is not going to and has never stopped. We're working hard to get this out. I hope everyone understands that we have never delayed because we want to but because we had to.


At this time I am not prepared to give you another release date. I'll post another announcement as soon as I have that information. We'll continue to regularly post development snippets and update you as we make progress.


Once again, please accept our most humble apologies and thank you for your understanding & your continued support.


Thank you,



Lead Developer

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Well I’m okay with waiting for this, I know that you have also real jobs as you’re not making a living out of this server but why do you give this hope to the community when you know that you’re not able to release so soon. How was it supposed to go out in summer ‘21 if you still have a lot of work to do?


I hope that you’re not going to give us false hype again. 

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i know everybody got priorities irl but sorry dude, apparently nothing changed with LSRP, same old habits, yall cant keep ur word on a release date and this aint a good sign.. same old staff typical behavior from lsrp, unfortunately, before the server even launches lol, some of us grew up with LS and are old farts now and would like to see this shit thrive but yall killed it with these moves and i'll be the one to say it for everybody here (at least people who think like me)


not sure what's going on here i hope u realize u just killed the hype with this, don't make promises u cant keep, if its gonna take 1 year to release it, tell the people its gonna take 1 year, dont tell them its gonna take 2 months then come back and say someone broke into ur house or whatever then come back and move it again, the server was supposed to release like 9 or 8 months ago, how did you even come up with that if u knew there's still alot to do?

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I don't mind delays but when it's getting to the point where you can't even meet your own deadlines then we have a problem on our hands. I get it, the staff has personal lives but don't scream out random release dates and constantly delay and delay to the point where the community gets really pissed off and leave altogether. Just work on the server and don't announce a date until you're certain that the server is ready to be played on.

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I was so excited for this. I get it real life is a priority. But you guys are proving you have not changed at all with how you handle things and updates. Its going to be the same old stuff with MMartin going radio silent again. Disappointing to the say the least. This is why I cancelled my patreon. The hype has been completely killed for me 😕

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frusturating to say the least.... i legit took days off work to play lsrp twice now......

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Killed the hype for me tbh. Why not release server as it is so people can roleplay and progressively add features developped on a test server?


Or perhaps open a test server for donators?


No need for fancy additions or scripts to do basic roleplay in my opinion!

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why is a lawnmowing job on the list for a minimum release? y can u give people piggybacks??? 


just release the server without all this useless shit and add it in the future. people never expected lsrp to outdo world in terms of features they just wanted more of an emphasis on illegal RP and better staff

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Good to see that a fishing script has been finished before the clothing store.. But on more of a serious note, y’all killed the hype for most people if I’m being honest. It just proves that LSRP hasn’t changed a bit, people are now going back to the server they use to play on now. It really seems y’all giving out random dates, how was this supposed to release in summer of 2021 and February if y’all had all this stuff to do? 

i promise the community didn’t mind waiting, but when y’all are throwing random dates making people hype. Then just disappointing us each time back to back, giving us fake crisis stories and shit. People get tired and unsure if they can take y’all word again. Makes people not wanna play the server. Y’all were better off not giving us dates at all. Me personally will not be looking forward to LSRP anymore. Good luck to y’all guys.

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Don’t worry, to create great things it requires a lot of time. We will wait

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Sorry to break it to you, but the hype is dead at this point. Y'all gotta commit to your deadlines, this is how it works.


I'm wondering what could the server provide back during the summer of 2021 when the opening was supposed to take place in the first place? 😂


Kinda disappointing.

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