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March Release Update




Hey everyone,


We've decided to once again move our release date. First and foremost, please accept our apologies.


I understand the frustration everyone must be feeling, and you aren't alone. Our biggest challenge is time. Every release date we've set, whether February 24st or week of March 21st, has been calculated based on current development team availability which has proven to change unexpectedly more often than not, leading us to continue to undercalculate our progress and release timeframes.


Nonetheless, I won't give you any excuses. We gave out a date and we should be expected to meet it, that is on us. Once again, we're sorry for the continued false promises.


With that being said, the work hasn't stopped. We're very close to launching and I'm prepared to show you a sheet of outstanding features.


You can see that list here: 282100.png Features list


The features listed are the current prerequisites to us launching.


It's been a busy month for all of us in the development team but I'm still able to assure you that development is not going to and has never stopped. We're working hard to get this out. I hope everyone understands that we have never delayed because we want to but because we had to.


At this time I am not prepared to give you another release date. I'll post another announcement as soon as I have that information. We'll continue to regularly post development snippets and update you as we make progress.


Once again, please accept our most humble apologies and thank you for your understanding & your continued support.


Thank you,



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crazy cus i really wanna see this shit work out, because GTA:W is buns esp the illegal side but like idk man. prob wont play after summer it seems, crazy. 😕

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