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Applications Open





As of this moment, registrations and character applications are open for everyone for up to three characters. Head over to https://ucp.ls-rp.com/ and create a character. The character creation server remains locked for our Patreon supporters until the 20th of February, when it becomes available for everyone. Please be patient with us tonight in case there's any issues — we'll try to iron them out as soon as we can.


Also, everyone gets to take a quiz to get a refresher on our rules and general RP etiquette!



Please note we don't currently offer a path to account recovery. If you've lost access to an account you've had in the past, we aren't able to help you. You can try resetting your password, or making a new account.


See ya IG soon,

- Martin


  • CJ 4
  • Bigsmoke 3
  • Ryder 2
  • Clap 1
  • Thumbs 6
  • OK 1
  • Strong 1
  • Love 16


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