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First Staff Update of 2022




Hello everyone


The last year has been an unusual period of time for the staff team and we are getting closer to another milestone — launching our community on the GTA V platform. In preparation for the many months of developing the script we altered the way our team is structured by introducing the 'Insider' team. The whole staff team has played a vital role in establishing the ecosystem and building the foundation for the server, without their knowledge and experience we would not have been where we are today. As of this post, the Insider Team will be removed and some members of it will be offered alternative positions within the core staff team based on contributions and activity during their time. We'd also like to thank Ten for his contributions to the Faction Team and for setting up and shaping the illegal faction scene ahead of the launch of the server, sadly he has resigned from the team a few days ago and we look forward to hopefully seeing him return in the future!


We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to shape the server — the community, the insiders and the staff team as a whole. Thank you for sticking with us through the most challenging period of LS-RP history.


Moving on, we'd like to introduce our new staff team structure:


Senior Lead Admin

Baker — DadoJ — Kane


Lead Admin



Senior Admin

DDaniels — Mitcholodolo — Redz


Game Admin

Xanakin — zalenac — ROZE — Benavides — Mario — Flemwad — Dos Santos


Junior Admin

Bellagio — Birdman — Zapper


Trainee Admins

accursed — Kendrick — Genny — jack — luca.


Senior Tester

betonists — danielswe — Turtle — Marshall



Bizarre — bobster — Caleb410


Junior Tester

Farrell — Mac — AlmightyBounter — JamesW — Freedom Fighter — Faugh A Ballagh


This list is not final and is subject to change.

  • CJ 5
  • Bigsmoke 1
  • Ryder 2
  • Clap 7
  • Thumbs 5
  • OK 3
  • Strong 1
  • Love 31


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