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San Andreas Law!




Hey everyone,


Today we're releasing our penal and vehicle code. We decided instead of recycling from SAMP, we would rewrite it from scratch. We took some guidance from the SAMP penal code to get a gist of how to write it, but for the most part, it's a fresh one. We looked to the California penal code for inspiration and some charges are named and indexed from it. Our goal for this penal code was to make it as clear as possible so that both illegal and legal roleplayers would be able to comprehend it without issue.


Lets talk about prison time:


We decided that, for now, we're going to be sticking with an hour/minute based time system for sentencing. This is a hot topic and a lot of people have differing opinions but we feel this is the best way to go for the time being. Our goal in the future is to adapt to a court system and base sentencing and time off of that. It's a whole discussion and it's still being brainstormed but I hope to have something to show there after launch.


Some charges aren't in the right title?


You may see, for example, 211. Robbery inside Title 1 and wonder why it's there when it doesn't follow the numbering at all. Well, this is one of the ways we looked to California for inspiration. Everyone understands when they hear "187" that it's Murder. "211" is Robbery. For these common charges, we decided to number them based off of California and how everyone knows them by.


Note about infractions:


Infraction penalty dollar amount will be filled in at a later day before launch.


Credits to @kendrick for research and writing, @Kane for co-writing and everyone who was able to provide us with feedback.


San Andreas Vehicle Code - VEH

San Andreas Penal Code - PEN

[Discussions / Questions] San Andreas Penal Code


Please use the Q&A topic for any questions and concerns you may have!


This may be subject to change. Some time after launch, it'll be officially finalized. We want to make sure it's as perfect as it can be. If anyone notices any discrepancies, issues, flaws, etc, give us a shout so we can fix it!





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Finally got around to reading this, we stan. Always a necessary evil getting this sort of mad paperwork sorted but all looks gud. 

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