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Clothing System Preview






We're still hard at work and today I'd like to give you a few development updates so you can see what we've been cooking up. Before anything though - I KNOW! You want to see some of that juicy illegal faction action. Drogas, gats, theft, all of that. Well sorry but not today.


The Faction Team + some other members of our team have been hard at work preparing a thought-through bullet proof scheme to give our illegal scene the attention it deserves. LS-RP prides itself on being home to the most legendary factions of any online Roleplay community and we want to be sure we're doing things right before we start parading them around. So shoutout to all of you and I promise I'll show you some stuff you're going to love soonTM


For the time being, let's talk about our clothing system. Which is your favorite hoodie? Is it Drawable 92, texture 12? Or Drawable 200, texture 0? You know... the yellow looking o-- forget about it. Forget about sliders and arrow buttons to click through every clothing item out there.




  • The system is entirely integrated and you will never have to think about an undershirt again. If a shirt has an undershirt counterpart, the system detects it and uses it. There are no concepts of "undershirts" visible to the player.
  • You can see a preview of any clothing item in your inventory, or in a store - without even trying it on.
  • Some items have alternative states (hoodies with hoods on, unzipped jackets, etc). You can switch between those & the system will match your perfect undershirt for it. Just make sure it's compatible, or you'll be walking about with your belly button out.
  • Clothing items are inventory item entities, which means you can store them in furniture (drawers, closets). They can be placed in bags, given to other players, stolen, etc.
  • Different stores will hold different types of clothing items. Don't go looking for a fancy suit in Sub Urban.
  • We're adding custom models for clothing. We aren't decided yet whether to use IRL brands or not. Let me know what you think about that.


TL;DR, show me the video



Besides that, there's still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. We're preparing electronics stores, character applications (which should open soon for our Patreon supporters), Kane's cooking up a great damage & death system and much more.


It's been great to see the community engagement since we've opened the forums up. Love seeing new and old faces around. Thanks for all the support, can't wait for you all to play!


Kind regards,


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Praise the lord, I HATE dealing with matching undershirts. Also the payment system, the recipts, it looks great, keep it up!

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Nice update 🙂!


I suggest not using real life brands. Just so we can completely avoid any legal issues.

So instead of a Supreme shirt, it could be Douchebag, Gullible or Pretentious.

Instead of Gucci, it could be Bucci.

And so on.

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I personally would like to see in real life brands but if there’s a issue with legal side of things just do replicas with slight different names. 

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Exceptional update. Everything shown from the user friendly UI to the actual functioning of the clothing system and how stores operate is absolutely phenomenal. Nothing but positive feedback, good job to everyone who made this possible!

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Love the UI, although I hope it won't affect the client performance too much. IRL brands should be added, players will decide what they want to wear, and what they don't, and we can avoid people modding their games and seeing them wearing checkered t-shirts, with invisible hands.

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we definitely need a few real life clothing items like what they added on the other community, they're pretty much needed for gang roleplay, at the least, add clothes that look gang related, cause none of the GTA Online clothing items look gang related whatsoever. We need baggy clothes, jerseys with #13 on them, shorts with long socks, bandannas, things of that nature.

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